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What Parents Say About Our CCI™ Science Course

Never Shown So Much Eagerness To Attend!

Many thanks for making the CCI course interesting, yet educational.

I have tried other Science tutors/tuition centers before and Izabelle had never shown so much eagerness to attend Science tuition till now. Though this course had ‘eaten’ into her school holidays, she had never complained about it, but instead, looked forward to having the lesson every day. Even before the end of this programme, she had requested to continue with The Pique Lab for the regular weekly lessons and Science is her least well-liked subject! Before this, she had lost interest and confidence in the subject, especially after scoring only a ‘B’ in her recent SA1.

It’s too early to say if this course will ensure better results in SA2 but one thing’s for sure, she is definitely moving in the right direction towards gearing up for next year’s PSLE. I believe with her confidence boosted, interest in the subject, the encouragement and dedicated guidance of Mr Mak, together with her personal effort, it is possible to achieve her desired results in the PSLE next year.

To other parents who are reading this, I strongly recommend you to The Pique Lab. You can be assured that this investment is one that has an infinite return when you see that your child enjoys the entire learning process.

Thank you again to Mr Mak and team at The Pique Lab!

Ms. Christina
Mother of Izabelle Lim

Feels More Confident!

My son, Ashton has enjoyed his 4-day CCI course tremendously. Before attending the course, he was not confident in attempting open-ended questions.

During the course, teacher Miss Genevieve Kee was very patient and guided him throughout to get a better understanding of the key concepts that were needed for those commonly asked exams questions.

Ashton said that he now feels more confident. I am sure he will get better result for Science for his upcoming SA 2 exams. Thanks to a great team of dedicated Teachers behind the great success of The Pique Lab!”

Ms. Joleen Ong
Mother of Ashton Ian Dragon

Templates Have Helped Tremendously!

Dominic was not confident to answer the open ended questions prior to the CCI program. Often time, he tries to use his own way to answer the questions despite knowing the important points that he needs to write. Thus, he often lose quite a lot of marks in this section.

The templates given during the CCI program has helped him tremendously knowing the correct way to answer those questions. He is always looking forward to the lessons as he enjoys the way the lessons are conducted. Thanks to Ms Lim, the Science Specialist, who has helped Dominic to improve in this area!

Ms. Andrea
Mother of Dominic Chong

Concise, Refreshing, Yet Comprehensive!

Over the last 5 months, Yun Xun has made significant improvement on her Science subject. I must say this is very much due to the dedication and personal care of the teachers and the centre’s unique and innovative programme for the students.

The presentation is always so concise, refreshing and yet comprehensive to keep the students focus and grow their interests in Science. I would strongly recommend the Centre and her program to any student who looks to improve their science subject and to score well in the PSLE examination.

Thanks again! I greatly appreciate the strong support and coaching that you’ve rendered to Yun Xun so far! She never wants to miss any Science lesson ever since it started with you and your Centre!

Ms. Andrea
Mother of Dominic Chong

Engaging And Passionate!

The teacher for the CCI Science course was engaging and passionate! My daughter understood the concepts well and she enjoyed each and every lesson. Above all, she has shown tremendous improvement in SA1 after attending the CCI course. Surely, I will recommend to my friends who want their children to excel in PSLE Science!

Mdm. Shanti
Mother of Mathi Malar

What Parents Say About Our Experimental Techniques™ Masterclass

Enriching Yet Fun!

My daughter enjoyed the workshop very much. She commented that the lesson was enriching yet fun. She finds the answer template especially useful as she used to find it difficult at times to bring across the ideas in a scientific way. Thank you for providing an enjoyable workshop!

Mdm Siow
Mother of Kwok Yu Tong

Finds Structured Template VERY Useful!

It was a very informative session. Darren especially finds the structured template very useful, which he will be using to craft out his answers. Explanations provided during the session are very clear easier. I truly appreciate the briefing for the parents. This has given me some insight on how to support Darren in his Science work. Thank you so much!

Mrs Tan
Mother of Darren Tan

Powerful & Effective!

Thank you Pique Lab for value-adding to my child’s learning in the one session. My son found it very powerful and effective – a time well spent in the 3-hour workshop, even for a hyperactive kid.

I also appreciate the parents’ info session to help us understand what our child has learnt, so that I can help follow up with my child at home. As I have been a pretty “hands-off” parent, this session made me appreciate, in a nutshell, what the primary school Science is all about.

The teacher has synthesised the set of answering skills very well for my child. I see Ignatius arriving to his ‘A-ha!’ moments on why he has been underperforming and how motivated he is now. Thank you so much!

Ms. Michele Tang
Mother of Ignatius Lau

See Science From A Different Perspective!

My son, Amani felt frustrated for not being able to answer open-ended Science questions accurately. Unfortunately, I was unable to help him too.

I discovered The Pique Lab through Facebook and immediately drawn to seek their professional help, to give Amani a booster and motivation ahead of his P6 next year.

After attending the Experimental Techniques Masterclass, Amani was very happy and began to see Science from a different perspective. The teacher explained the techniques clearly, which have helped him tackle experiment-centric questions correctly. Thank you!”

Mdm Puteri
Mother of Amani

Very Interesting & Especially Relevant!

I feel that the class was very interesting and especially relevant for my child. I’m sure that my child has picked up the skills on how to answer the various questions that can potentially come out during examinations (such as the structure and the keywords). In addition, I also can see that she was actually enjoying herself during the brief period that I have attended Thank you!

Ms. Michelle
Mother of Teo Zi Ning

Parent Briefing Was Also Very Helpful!

Timothy enjoyed the class. I think it was useful for him to learn how to structure his answers in a more detailed manner. The parent briefing was also very helpful as I got to understand what was taught. I also have a better idea of what is required in terms of answering the exams
questions and I feel like I am now in a better position to help my child. Thank you for the comprehensive

Ms. Joyce Leong
Mother of Timothy

What Parents Say About Our Grade Accelerator Programme™

Improved from 60s to As & A*s!

The Pique Lab is a fantastic Science enrichment centre, which helps their students drastically improve PSLE science concepts (especially part B answering techniques).

My twin daughters improved in their 2016 PSLE Science from the sixties range to A* and A in their PSLE, especially in a year when the Science examination was the toughest! And, this improvement was seen in a span of just 4 months before their PSLE (As we came to know about this program very late!!) We are so happy that The Pique Lab helped our twin daughters better their PSLE T-scores (to top 10% of the cohort)!

If you are already spending on Science enrichments, try the CCI course or check out the material at their centre. You will know the difference of this methodology and will definitely LOVE it !!

Our children took the CCI program and continued the weekly sessions. The Pique Lab is REALLY worth giving a try. We highly recommend this program to all PSLE students!

Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Khasnavis
Father of Nishitha & Nikhitha

Should Have Sent To You Much Earlier!

Thank you so much for spending extra time and efforts in marking her papers and giving us such detailed write up on her strengths and weakness.

We are very impressed and we wish we could have sent her to you earlier so as to save so much time. She has struggled for years in Science and we are glad we found your school. Enya told us that she understood very well and could apply what you have taught her. We were pleasantly surprised that she scored 82.5 for her SA1 and this is a big improvement from 58 in CA1.

Although she hadn’t attended your CCI program then, she was always watching your YouTube and could
understand your explanations on the videos. She happily came home after the Science paper and told me that “Mummy, do you know that I am one of the students who obtained full 2 marks for one of the tough questions in SA1?” I asked her how you did it? She told me she watched one of your video and it occurred to her that the concept is the same, the school had just rephrased it. Hence, she applied the same explanation and she got it right.

Seeing how much her confidence has increased, I am very very happy. This is something which we have never seen.

Ms. Esther
Mother of Enya Loo

Well-written Notes!

Enzo enjoyed the classes & found it interesting. He looked forward to attending the sessions each week. The notes were also well written & the presentation was appealing & that made it interesting for the child!

Ms. Elaine
Mother of Enzo Mccully

Answer With Ease!

My son used to have a lot of difficulties answering OE questions. Now he is able to answer with ease. They gave him standard template answers and help him to be able to construct the answer clearly. He is more confident in handling his Science paper now. Thank you!

Ms. Vanessa
Mother of Nathan Kuak

Grateful To The Wonderful Teachers!

I’m really grateful to the wonderful Teachers at The Pique Lab for helping iron out some of the issues Max had with understanding some of the concepts and delivering his knowledge in providing the correct answers.

Despite having to wake up early on a Sunday morning Max looks forward to his classes and enjoys the lessons very much.

Through this understanding he has moved from a B to an A*. Thank you so much!

Ms. Michelle Tan
Mother of Max Lim

Gained Insight Into The Right Thinking Process!

For years, we have been looking for a true science coaching which help provide structured and convincing teaching on how to deliver good answers for Science examination questions.

After attending classes at The Pique Lab, my son had gained insight into the right thinking process to handle each set of questions.

The session had provided the right stage for us to think correctly, position our answers concisely and deliver the complete answer to each question. He gained confidence and able to understand the true Science concepts.

Thank you!

Ms. Shirley Pang
Mother of Ryan Oh

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