P6 Content Mastery Course

Become Great At Tackling Open-ended PSLE Science Questions

Discover the proven examination strategies & answering techniques used by over 16,938 primary school students to score A/A*s in Science! (AND how your child can do it too… with the right guidance!)

What Your Child Will Learn

During this 15-hour content-packed P6 CCI™ Science Course, we’ll work closely with your child to improve on his/her mastery of the subject matter:

🔗 Integrate, Link & Apply Scientific Concepts Across Multiple Topics

Take a look at your child’s examination paper & you may notice that there are more ‘application-type’ questions tested in the paper as compared to the examination papers a few years back.

Such application-based questions require students to have a strong understanding of various Science concepts that can be tested within the PSLE Science syllabus.

We will help your child uncover some of the commonly tested examination questions from each topic & also reveal how multiple Science concepts may be used TOGETHER to answer the question.


🚀 Proven ‘Copy and Paste’ Answering Structures, Keywords & Key Phrases

Your child will NOT leave this workshop empty-handed.

Not only will our PSLE Science Specialists guide your child through the step-by-step process of tackling open-ended questions, we’ll also provide your child with beautifully-illustrated notes, fill-in-the-blank handouts and worksheets that are all designed to help students learn Science easier, better and faster.

These valuable resources will help to shorten the learning curve tremendously. You and your child can expect to save lots of valuable time and frustration trying to figure out what examination setters are looking out for.

Here’s a sample what your child will receive…


🎯 Get Exposed To Various Question Trends & Question Types

Our P6 CCI™ Science Courses are all about understanding various question trends and question types & how to apply our tested and proven answering techniques to tackle these questions.

If your child diligently reviews and applies what we’ve taught, he/she will definitely make progress in their abilities to tackle open-ended questions. (Isn’t this the section that your child often struggles in?)


💣 Avoid ‘Concept Traps’ That Cause Most Students To Lose Marks Unnecessarily

It is important to have an understanding of the common conceptual pitfalls so that your child can learn to avoid them.

Do not underestimate these tips as they will help your child improve the odds of scoring an A or A* for the PSLE Science examination!

P6 CCI™ Science Course

  • Level Eligibility: Primary Six
  • Sessions: 5
  • Total Duration: 15 hours (5 x 3 hrs)
  • Tuition Fee: S$697
  • Learning Arrangement:
    • Digital Classes
    • Onsite Classes* (subjected to changes to National Safe Management Measures)

Topic Coverage

  • Session 1: Cells & Body Systems
  • Session 2: Heat Energy & Water Cycle
  • Session 3: Magnetism & Light
  • Session 4: Plant Cycle, Animal & Plant Reproduction
  • Session 5: Energy & Forces

About Your Child’s Instructors

Your child will be taught by one of these instructors from our PSLE Science Specialist team.

Ms. Katherine Peh

Ms. Katherine is a Ministry of Education (MOE) trained teacher with a Sports Science degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and minor in Early Childhood Education in National Institute of Education (NIE). Drawing from her 2 years of teaching experience, she is highly skilled in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for her students.

With her bubbly personality, and effective use of storytelling and real-life examples, she is well-liked for her proficiency in simplifying challenging Science concepts and instilling confidence in her students to conquer the Science subject.

Ms. Joanna Tan

Ms. Joanna is an encouraging and friendly teacher who aims to motivate and inspire her students to love Science. As a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), she is passionate about sharing interesting Science examples to help her students relate scientific concepts to daily life.

With 2 years of teaching experience, she is adept at breaking down complex Science concepts and questions, enabling her students to gain the skills and confidence they need to tackle Science questions independently.

Mr. Seah Chen Hong

Mr. Chen Hong is a bubbly and encouraging teacher who believes in infusing joy into learning Science. Drawing from his 3 years of teaching experience, he is well-liked among parents and students for his proficiency in simplifying challenging Science concepts while ensuring that his lessons are engaging.

As a Bioengineering graduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), he is passionate about helping his students deepen their appreciation for scientific concepts in their everyday life. He shares interesting stories and examples in his classes that make learning fun for his students, jumpstarting their curiosity and interest in Science.

Ms. Jeslyn Chew

As an Environmental Engineering graduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Ms. Jeslyn is proficient in guiding her students through their scientific misconceptions. She is dedicated to cultivating her students' interest in Science by sharing interesting stories and real-life examples in class.

Having worked closely with children of all ages over the past few years, her cheerful demeanour & ability to build rapport with young learners easily as a teacher is well-appreciated by many of her students and parents.

Mr. Derrick Toh

With a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Mr. Derrick has a good mastery of Science concepts and is fully equipped to clarify common scientific misconceptions among students. Over the past 10 years, he has worked closely with primary school students with differing academic abilities.

He is well-loved among his students for his patience in guiding them through the thought processes and answering techniques required to excel in the PSLE Science examination. Ensuring that the students enjoy his lessons is his top priority. In order to do so, he constantly integrates real-life examples and stories into his lessons to pique his students’ interest in Science.

Mr. Kenneth Mak

Mr. Kenneth is the co-founder & PSLE Science Specialist of The Pique Lab. When it comes to primary school Science, he is the go-to guy!

With more than 12 years of teaching experience, he has experimented with plenty of studying strategies, keywords & template answers. He knows what works for the student and what doesn’t. Using the proven techniques from our Complete Concept Integration™ program, he has helped more than 80% of his students clinch As and A*s during the PSLE Science examination.

Seasoned by experience, he is known among parents for building rapport with his students & helping them achieve tremendous academic results in the shortest period of time.

Mr. Malcolm Madu Pal

As a Life Sciences graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS), Mr. Malcolm has acquired great proficiency in scientific concepts and is well versed in memorisation techniques. By "thinking out of the box", he is able to leverage on creative teaching methods to unravel and simplify misconceptions faced by students.

Drawing from his 8 years of experience working with children, he is well-liked among parents and students for his affable and infectious personality. He strongly believes in incorporating the element of fun into his teaching, while ensuring his students develop a holistic understanding of scientific concepts.

Ms. Vanessa Chan

Ms. Vanessa’s love for Science started at a young age, which later led her to graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences (Distinction).

Having taught students of varying levels in different academic settings, she finds it extremely rewarding to share her Science knowledge with her students. She makes her lessons fun and interactive by relating Science concepts with real-life examples to make concepts easier to understand.

Ms. Vanessa is well-liked among students and their parents for her cheerful and patient personality. As someone who is strongly dedicated to teaching, she often goes the extra mile in helping her students understand Science concepts and challenging application questions.

Ms. Vivien Lim

Ms. Vivien is a bubbly, humorous & patient teacher who is well-liked among parents and primary school students.

Having been a nature guide, she has led biodiversity walks and inspired hundreds of children to appreciate Science around them through application & inquiry-based activities. As a strong believer of ‘interest develops excellence’, she enjoys teaching Science to inquisitive young minds and finds it exceptionally rewarding to see them grow.

With a degree in Environmental Biology from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and an avid nature lover, she has a strong affinity for bringing Science to life into the classroom. Drawing from her 4 years of teaching experience, she has been able to engage and motivate her students to learn Science effectively through in-class discussions.

Mr. Firhad Rohani

Mr. Firhad is a Ministry of Education (MOE) trained teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the National University of Singapore (NUS). After 16 years of experience in teaching, he believes in engaging his students actively to sustain their interest in learning. By utilising a well-planned lesson, scaffolding and purpose-driven activities, he creates an environment where students can acquire knowledge and skills actively.

Drawing insights from his Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), he emphasises on the subject's real-world applications and relevance, making the concepts easier to digest. For knowledge retention, he relies on routine and structure. With these components in place, he believes that experiential learning can take shape more efficiently.

Here’s What Your Child Will Get

When your child enrolls today, he/she can look forward to get access to:

  • 10 Core Topics Delivered Across 15 Hours of Lesson Time
  • 119 Pages of Beautifully-Illustrated Science Notes
  • 32 Questions Adapted From Past Year Examination Papers (on average, 3 per topic)
  • 1 ‘Fill-in-the-blanks’ Activity Booklet

🧠 Does Your Child Know WHAT To Study & HOW To Study Science?

Growing up, many students are often overloaded with a lot of information when learning Science.

They are led to think that everything that they have been taught will be tested during their examinations. As a result, it is very easy for parents & children to get overwhelmed easily.

Well, is everything useful for the examinations? Absolutely not.

Having worked with thousands of primary school students over the past 7 years, we know what works and (more importantly) what doesn’t.

We help to distil the information by emphasising the important ones and pulling out the unimportant ones. It’s important to study smart. Learn from the experts as we share exactly what to study, so your child can focus his/her efforts on the concepts that really matter.

The content covered during our P4 CCI™ Science Course will help to consolidate your child’s learning over the past couple of years (Primary 3 and Primary 4) to better prepare him/her for the upcoming P4 SA2 Science examinations.

This will provide a good overview of how to study for his/her upcoming examinations. (It’s not that difficult, really.)

Course Details

Session 1

🦠 Topic: Cells

  • List the various cells learnt (including specialised cells)
  • State and explain the adaptation of specialised cells
  • Label and relate the function of each cell part to experimental outcomes
  • Identify the similarities and differences between an animal cell and a plant cell


💀 Topic: Body Systems

  • Understand how the 5 different body systems work together
  • Describe the various organs in the digestive system and their functions
  • Understand how our body systems are involved during exercise
  • Read/draw/interpret graphs for systems-related questions
  • Understand how our body systems cope with changes in the environment

Session 2

🔥 Topic: Heat Energy

  • Apply the HPC answering technique
  • Identify the 7 heat processes and its various applications
  • Identify where water droplets form and explain how they formed
  • Explain how evaporative cooling works
  • Describe expansion and contraction with comparative terms


🌦Topic: Water Cycle

  • Draw references between a ‘Water Cycle’ experimental set-up with the actual Water Cycle model
  • Know when to apply the 9 ‘Water Cycle’ question types to various examination questions
  • Describe how the Water Cycle in the terrarium works
  • Understand how Water Cycle concepts are used to obtain clean water for drinking

Session 3

🧲 Topic: Magnetism

  • State the 4 types of magnetic materials
  • Know how to apply the ‘3 Golden Rules of Magnetism’
  • Compare magnetic strength using experiments
  • Understand how electromagnets are used in our daily lives


🔦 Topic: Light

    • Apply the 2 key properties of light to examination questions
    • Apply the ‘shadows’ and ‘light’ answering structures
    • Recognise how the opacity of the object and the screen affects the shade of the shadow formed
    • Understand how the distance between light source, object, and screen affects the size of the shadow formed

Session 4

🌱 Topic: Plant Cycle

      •  Identify and explain how the growth of the plant affects the various part in the plant
      • Understand how the transport of substances in plant are affected when the transport tubes are removed
      • State the 4 methods of seed dispersal and their related explanations
      • Explain the advantages and disadvantages related to the change in the size of the stomata


👼🏻 Topic: Animal & Plant Reproduction

      • Understand how flowers are adapted for wind/insect-pollination
      • Recognise the similarities and differences between animal and plant reproduction
      • Relate the function of reproductive organs to its impact on reproduction when these organs are removed
      • Understand the adaptation for survival by having 2 ovaries/testes

Session 5

🎢 Topic: Energy

      • Apply the “energy conversion” answering technique
      • State the factors affecting each energy form
      • Relate the various scenarios to the type of energy stored in objects
      • Understand how to use the ‘Energy’ keywords appropriately


🌎 Topic: Forces

      • Identify the differences between the keywords “acting on” and “greater than
      • Explain application question using the keywords “acting on” and “greater than
      • State the factors affecting each force
      • Recognise the difference between “types of forces” and “effects of forces

Who Should Attend This Course?

Any student who wants to score As & A*s for P6 Science, but is reluctant to revise using the traditional DRILLING method.

Your child is the kind of student who wants to outperform his/ her peers & study the SMART way, like many other high performing students.

Students who are having tuition that simply do not work for them.

You probably have invested thousands of dollars & months of time, but it’s just not working out.

Your child isn’t exactly progressing much & you’re looking for a change in environment.

Existing high performing students who want to strengthen their thought process & refine their answers to perfection!

Your child has been consistently scoring As, but struggle to get a breakthrough to the A*, no matter how hard he/she has tried.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Hear What Parents Have To Say About Their Kids’ Experience With Us.

Found Notes & Answering Techniques Very Useful!

“Clare enjoyed the P6 CCI Science Course very much. The lessons were fun and interesting and she found the notes and the answering techniques taught very useful.

Most importantly, they are in line with what her primary school teacher is teaching her. She was sad that on the last day that the course had come to an end.

Thank you The Pique Lab for helping her gain confidence in the subject!”

Mrs Wong, Mother of Clare

Understood Concepts Better!

“My child had difficulties absorbing the facts for some of the primary school Science topics.

After attending the P6 CCI Science Course with Mr Derrick, he mentioned he understood them better and the notes given are very useful. He like this Science lesson compared to his school lesson. He has a better understanding and the class also maintained with fewer students.

I will recommend The Pique Lab to other parents.”

Ms. Mala, Mother of Raekesh

Found Teaching Methods Effective

“Initially my son didn’t want to attend the P6 CCI Science Course and grumbled having to wake up early during the school holidays but after attending the P6 CCI Science Course, he enjoyed the lessons and found the teaching methods effective and interesting.

He told me now he has a better understanding of the science concept and will perform better for the coming prelim & PSLE.”

Mrs Chow, Mother of Joshua

If You’re Still On The Fence, Hear Us Out.


Over the past seven years, we’ve seen more than 3,451 primary school students attend the CCI Science Course, achieving phenomenal improvements in their understanding of the subject matter & more importantly, their results.

We’ve been getting these raving testimonials from happy parents weekly after their kids have benefitted immensely from our help. Click here to see what other parents have been saying about our CCI Science Courses.

In case you’re wondering…

This is NOT one of those enrichment programs where students gain loads of theories and do nothing with them afterwards!

As your child will get to apply whatever they’ve learned directly on school examination questions during the course … by the time your child has completed the course, he/ she will be trained on how to tackle his/ her school homework & school examination papers accurately & efficiently.

Not a month later… or even a week later, but immediately!

During the P6 CCI™ Science course, we’ll be revealing some massively potent studying strategies used by our top-performing primary school students. These strategies have helped them save hours studying every day and yet allow them to score As & A*s during their school examinations time & time again!


So… if you are looking for:

1) A highly robust methodology to sharpen your child’s Science answering techniques, especially in their open-ended section (… such that he/she no longer loses marks unnecessarily due to missing links, key words or key phrases)

2) An engaging teacher with a strong proven track record with primary school students (>80% As and A*s) (… trust me: teachers make or break the learning experience for students. Set them up with the right teacher & they’ll enjoy the learning process for life)

3) A comprehensive set of visually-appealing revision materials that high-performing primary school students use to excel in their examinations (… you’d want your child to get his/her hands on these materials & start revising now. The best part: Your child doesn’t have to spend countless hours trying to study, because we’ve distilled the most important parts to take note!)

… then this course may just be perfect for your child.

Now, let’s be real. Is this going to be easy?

There is ALWAYS going to be a bit of discomfort, uncertainty and plenty of hard work when your child is trying to learn and apply our answering structures to tackle examination questions. That is normal & many of our students go through the same process all the time.

Once your child pushes past that discomfort, that’s when you will notice real growth in his/her learning. It will not be a walk in the park, but we have plenty of materials & close guidance to help your child improve his/her answering techniques!

We’ll see your child at the workshop!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the P6 CCI™ Science course different from other tuition programs out there?

It’s NOT a trial class nor a typical program where you expect 20-30 students crammed in a class, in a bid to do some last-minute rescue work. The CCI™ Science course is designed to solidify your child’s fundamentals in Science, so he/ she can tackle open-ended Science questions with ease & precision.

Here’s how it works: Throughout our teaching careers, we have perfected a number of strategies and tactics that are proven to work for our students. More importantly, these strategies are carefully documented in our course material, so these best practices could be taught effectively to new primary school students. We will not hold any back “secret tactics” (unlike traditional kungfu masters) & these strategies would be EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones taught to our high performers.

Please note that our P6 Complete Concept Integration™ Science Course is not for everyone. They work best for students who have the will & determination to do well, but are lacking the right strategies to get to the A or A*. Our strategies are all meat and no fluff. If you want lengthy theories, please read the textbook instead. Our P6 CCI™ Science course is all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible!

Will there be breaks in between classes?

Yes, we typically offer a 5-10 minutes break for every 1-hour of learning. Your child will get two short breaks for every 3 hours of learning and a full 1-hour lunch break in the middle (for those who registered for the CCI™ in the 2.5-day format).

What topics are covered?

Session 1) Cells & Body Systems
Session 2) Heat Energy & Water Cycle
Session 3) Magnetism & Light
Session 4) Plant Cycle, Animal & Plant Reproduction
Session 5) Energy & Forces

Will there be homework provided during the workshop?

There’ll not be any homework given during the workshop. The CCI™ Science course is a highly intensive workshop. Both concepts and answering techniques will be taught in class and we’ll teach your child how to apply these techniques on primary school examination questions.

We will give your child a question booklet containing a curated list of open-ended questions adapted from primary school examination papers. These questions have been adapted from different schools & sorted based on their topics. A portion of the questions will be attempted & reviewed in class. The remaining questions can be brought home for their own practice. We’ll also send you an answer booklet for the questions in the CCI™ course.

Who is the instructor for the class?

Our classes are conducted by our team of highly-popular primary school Science Specialists.

Our PSLE Science Specialists have collectively more than ten years of teaching experience under their belts. During which, they have experimented with plenty of studying strategies, keywords & template answers. More importantly, they know what works for the student and what doesn’t.

Using the proven techniques from our Complete Concept Integration™ program, they have helped more than 80% of their students clinch As and A*s during the PSLE Science examination. Seasoned by experience, they’re known among parents for building rapport with their students & helping them achieve tremendous academic results in the shortest period of time.

What is the maximum class size?

Our CCI™ Science classes are typically fully booked. You can expect the class to have 12 to 14 students, unless otherwise stated on the course registration form.

What kind of materials would my child be getting?

Your child would be receiving a comprehensive set of notes, covering a selected number of P4, P5 and P6 topics (see above) that we’ll be discussing during the CCI™ Science Course. On top of that, he/she will be receiving a question booklet containing a curated list of open-ended questions adapted from primary school examination papers.

These questions have been carefully adapted different schools & sorted based on their topics. As such, your child would have the opportunity to apply the thought processes and answering techniques learnt on these questions immediately.

What is the difference between the CCI™ Science Workshop and the Experimental Techniques Masterclass?

The CCI™ Science Program is a different program from the 3-hour Experimental Techniques™ Masterclass.

The 3-hour masterclass is a skills-based workshop – focusing on questions involved in experimental set-ups (such as what is the aim of the experiment, how to ensure a fair test, etc). In contrast, the CCI workshop is a content-based, comprehensive workshop – focusing on the thought processes & answering techniques for a selected number of P4, P5 and P6 topics.

There’ll not be any overlaps in terms of the focus. Parents usually send their kids for both courses because we cover answering techniques for different skill sets.

P6 Complete Concept Integration™ Science Course Details

Available Classes

January – Weekends

Run 220: 6/1, 13/1, 20/1, 27/1, 3/2 (Sat) 4PM to 7PM

P6 CCI™ Science Course (Run 220)

Conducted by: Ms. Joanna Tan

Session 1: 6 January (Sat) 4PM to 7PM
Session 2: 13 January (Sat) 4PM to 7PM
Session 3: 20 January (Sat) 4PM to 7PM
Session 4: 27 January (Sat) 4PM to 7PM
Session 5: 3 February (Sat) 4PM to 7PM

Run 221: 7/1, 14/1, 21/1, 28/1, 4/2 (Sun) 4PM to 7PM

P6 CCI™ Science Course (Run 221)

Conducted by: Ms. Katherine Peh

Session 1: 7 January (Sun) 4PM to 7PM
Session 2: 14 January (Sun) 4PM to 7PM
Session 3: 21 January (Sun) 4PM to 7PM
Session 4: 28 January (Sun) 4PM to 7PM
Session 5: 4 February (Sun) 4PM to 7PM

Course Registration Form

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