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In this 1-page checklist, your child will learn...

Know exactly where “Digestion” and “Absorption” take place in the Digestive System (... a common concept tested in most Science examinations)

Discover the important keywords needed to describe the different parts of the Digestive System (... these keywords will determine if your child gets 1 mark, 2 marks or NONE at all!!!)

Learn answering techniques that can help your child tackle “Digestive System” related questions (Once mastered, your child will no longer lose marks unnecessarily for incomplete answers!)

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With The Pique Lab’s Primary School Science Notes Portal, you can access our growing library of 80+ notes, content-packed videos and illustrated articles for FREE (NO Credit Card Required).

Resources & Proven Techniques to Help Your Child Score A/A*s in Science


Content-packed Science Notes

Get exclusive access to 18 of our in-demand notes, helping your child master challenging Science concepts.


Watch videos to learn about interesting Science topics and amazing techniques that help students achieve high examination scores.

High-impact Science Programmes

With specific goals, our programmes provide a step-by-step guide for Primary 3 to Primary 6 students in their academic adventure.

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Your portal membership entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts to selected Science materials sold on our online store. Besides, you may also be notified of the launch of our new products before it reaches everyone else.

Access to our Private, Members-only Community

Ask questions and exchange ides with thousands of parents who have been in our shoes. Remember: you’re not alone in this journey. Join our community of parents and teachers who work towards a common goal.



Our PSLE Science Specialists believe in giving back to the community, so we have decided to offer help on a pro-bono basis. We wanted to create a safe and supportive learning environment where parents and
children can share their learning challenges and effective learning methods for PSLE Science.

As a member of the Parent Support Group, you’ll get the latest updates on parenting tips, best studying practices, effective learning strategies & case studies of highly successful students that inspire us.

But hey, even if you don’t have any questions now, it’s beneficial to join because we’ll keep parents updated whenever we release new content. There’s nothing to lose & everything to gain!


What’s the Catch?

Why are we doing this for free?

Here’s the thing: Science enrichment centres usually do not dish out their material for free.

Truth to be told, there’s no catch. We’ve set ourselves a bold goal, to create 10,000 successful case studies by the end of 2020. These little initiatives towards the parent community in Singapore can help us reach this goal.

Enjoy the checklist! If these freebies have helped your child in some way or another, we welcome you to share them with other parents!

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