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Take A Moment To Think: Are These Learning Challenges Familiar?

Your child has difficulty understanding Science concepts.

In Primary 4, students are exposed to more physical Science topics while they learnt more life science topics in Primary 3. Examples of physical Science topics in Primary 4 include Matter, Light Energy and Heat Energy.

Science concepts from physical Science topics tend to be more complicated than that of life science topics. Your child may have difficulties understanding, memorising the key concepts or even applying them to different scenarios accurately

Your child feels that it is increasingly challenging to answer open-ended questions.

Take a look at any Primary 4 Science paper: You may notice that the paper has more long-answer questions when it was predominantly made up of short-answer questions in Primary 3. Furthermore, questions in Primary 4 are gearing towards being more application-based.

In order to tackle these questions effectively, your child needs to be proficient in applying the concepts learnt to real-life application questions, instead of simply regurgitating knowledge.

Examination setters are also looking out for more important key words and key phrases when marking papers. If your child has incomplete answers, he/she is likely to be penalised during the examinations.


Your child is struggling to master all of the Primary 3 & 4 topics for major milestone tests.

The number of examinable topics in Primary 4 has increased considerably, as compared to that in Primary 3.

As most of the time in school is often dedicated to learning Primary 4 topics, many students end up neglecting their revision for Primary 3 topics. This is especially troubling for students who are weak in Primary 3 topics as they will be tested again in Primary 4.

If these challenges sound familiar, your child is not alone.

Well, many Primary 4 students are facing these exact same challenges. After all, they are fairly new to Science & the subject will only get more challenging over time.

The good news is that there is still time for change. Read on to find out how we can help.

How We Can Help Your Child

Ongoing Regular Classes

Onsite & Digital Classes

P4 Grade Accelerator Programme™

Help your child strengthen his/her thought processes & answering techniques across a spectrum of P4 Science topics on a weekly basis.

Keep a close pulse on your child’s academic performance by engaging in regular graded assessments.

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Course Name
Course Type
Lesson Arrangement
Course Content
Topics Covered
MCQ Coverage
OEQ Coverage
$80/ lesson
Course Name : P4 Grade Accelerator Programme
Course Type : Regular Class
Lesson Arrangement : Available Onsite & Digitally via Zoom
Duration : 1.5 hours/week
(Attended Termly)
Course Content : Help your child strengthen his/her thought processes & answering techniques across a spectrum of P4 Science topics on a weekly basis.
Topics Covered : P4 Science Topics
Prerequisites : Your child must also attend the P4 CCI Science Course this year.
MCQ Coverage
OEQ Coverage
Materials: Coloured Notes
In-Class Exercises
Topical Tests
Course Name : P4 CCI™ Science Course
Course Type : Ad-hoc Workshop
Lesson Arrangement : Available Onsite & Digitally via Zoom
Duration : 12 hours
(3 hours/ session)
Course Content : Learn how to link different concepts together & tackle open-ended questions for a selected mix of P3 and P4 topics.
Topics Covered : Plants, Fungi, Bacteria,
Animal Classification & Materials,
Digestive System, Body Systems,
Plant Life Cycle, Animal Life Cycle,
Magnets, Matter, Light Energy
Prerequisites : It's preferred if your child reads up these topics before attending the course.
MCQ Coverage
OEQ Coverage
Materials: Coloured Notes
Fill-in-the-Blanks Booklet
Question Booklet
Answer Booklet