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Take A Moment To Consider: Are These Learning Challenges Familiar?

Your child has difficulty understanding Science concepts.

Given that Science was only recently introduced to Primary 3 students in school, a lack of prior knowledge has made it daunting for some Primary 3 students.

Despite reading the textbook diligently, your child may find it tough to relate to the Science concepts illustrated in the textbook.

Your child does not know how to answer Science questions accurately, despite understanding the concepts.

Your child loves Science as a subject and understands how various Science concepts work in reality.

However, he/she struggle to produce scientific answers when attempting open-ended questions. Besides, your child’s teacher has also remarked that there are missing keywords in the answers.


Your child is often careless when attempting multiple-choice questions.

Carelessness is often a result of a student’s inadequate understanding of the subject matter.

Not only does your child need to know and understand how to apply the Science concepts within the Primary 3 syllabus, it is important to understand the common misconceptions that students often have around certain Science concepts.

Like many students, your child may get tricked by examination setters easily if he/she does not know how to proactively seek out common conceptual traps.

If these challenges sound familiar, your child is not alone.

Well, many Primary 3 students are facing these exact same challenges. After all, Science (as a subject) is something new to them and they don’t know exactly know what to expect.

The good news is that there is still time for change to happen. Read on to find out how we can help.

How We Can Help Your Child

Ongoing Regular Classes

Onsite & Digital Classes

For Primary 3 Students In 2021

P3 Grade Accelerator Programme™

Help your child strengthen his/her thought processes & answering techniques across a spectrum of P3 Science topics on a weekly basis.

Keep a close pulse on your child’s academic performance by engaging in regular graded assessments.

Ad-hoc Workshops & Masterclasses

These hyper focused workshops will help your child stay on top of the latest strategies & techniques needed to score well in Primary 3 Science … without the headache of figuring it out all by his/her own.

Digital Classes

For Primary 3 Students In 2021

P3 Complete Concept Integration™ Science Course

Learn how to link different concepts together & tackle open-ended questions for a selected mix of P3 Science topics over 4 sessions.

Apply answering techniques learnt on Science examination questions on these P3 Science topics.

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