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Take A Moment To Consider: Are These Learning Challenges Familiar?

You child is often struggling with ‘Application’ questions because he/she is uncertain on which Science concepts to apply.

Questions have became more challenging in Primary 6 as compared to those in the previous academic levels.

Application questions are getting increasingly common in Primary 6 examination papers. These questions often test scenarios that are not commonly found in Science textbooks.

Your child is expected to think deeper and be adept at connecting the dots using different Science concepts. Your child is also required to produce more comprehensive responses to attain the full marks for the question.

There are simply too many Science topics to ‘master’ for the PSLE Science examination and there is too little time to get all of them right.

Students who want to excel in the PSLE Science examination must demonstrate a strong understanding of a wide spectrum of Science topics learnt over the past 4 years.

Given that the pace of learning is high in Primary 6, your child may always find himself/herself playing ‘catch up’, trying to master the next Science topic.

Very often, too little time is spent on learning how to apply concepts from multiple topics to tackle application questions (e.g. Cells and Reproduction in Humans). As a result, students who do not have adequate exposure to such questions will find themselves struggling during the examination revision period.

Your child is getting increasingly careless at Science in Primary 6 and you are unsure of how to help.

Carelessness is often a result of a student’s inadequate understanding of the subject matter.

Not only does your child need to know and understand how to apply the Science concepts within the PSLE syllabus, it is also important to understand the common misconceptions that students often have about certain Science concepts.

Like many students, your child may get tricked by examination setters easily if he/she does not know how to proactively seek out common conceptual traps.

If these challenges sound familiar, your child is not alone. Well, many Primary 6 students are facing these exact same challenges.

Like these students, your child may be struggling to keep up with the fast pace of learning, while trying to revise effectively.

It is undoubtedly tiring, stressful and frustrating trying to figure things out on your own.

The good news is that there is still time for change. Read on to find out how we can help.

How We Can Help Your Child

Ongoing Regular Classes

Onsite & Digital Classes

For Primary 6 Students In 2021

P6 Grade Accelerator Programme™

Help your child strengthen his/her thought processes & answering techniques across a spectrum of PSLE Science topics on a weekly basis.

Keep a close pulse on your child’s academic performance by engaging in regular graded assessments.

Ad-hoc Workshops & Masterclasses

These hyper focused workshops will help your child stay on top of the latest strategies & techniques needed to score well in PSLE Science … without the headache of figuring it out all by his/her own.

Digital Classes

For Primary 6 Students In 2021

Learn how to link different concepts together & tackle open-ended questions for a selected number of P4, P5 & P6 topics over 5 sessions.

Apply answering techniques learnt on Science examination questions on these P4, P5 & P6 Science topics.

Digital Classes

For Primary 6 Students In 2021

Electrical Circuit™ Masterclass

Master the four fundamental concepts of Electricity in 4 hours.

Learn & apply answering techniques on past year Science examination questions on ‘Electricity’.

Digital Classes

For Primary 6 Students In 2021

Matter Techniques™ Masterclass

Discover how to tackle the eight common types of questions on Matter in 3 hours.

Learn & apply answering techniques on past year Science examination questions on ‘Matter’.

Digital Classes 

For Primary 6 Students In 2021

Experimental Techniques™ Masterclass

Get access to proven answering templates to tackle the 6 types of experiment-centric questions in 3 hours.

Learn & apply these answering techniques on past year Science examination questions. (Parent briefing included!)

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