Grade Accelerator Programme

Terms & Conditions

Your child’s enrolment and lessons at The Pique Lab Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Centre”) is subjected to the Terms and Conditions as listed below. Parents/Guardians are requested to sign on the Terms and Conditions in recognition of their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which will apply upon enrolment at The Centre.


1. The Centre’s course terms are segmented into four periods in a given year:

a. Term 1: January to March

b. Term 2: April to June

c. Term 3: July to September

d. Term 4: October to November

2. Term 4 is only applicable if your child is currently enrolled in Primary 3, Primary 4 or Primary 5.


1. Upon registration, The Centre will collect the respective Term fees prior to the commencement of the lessons:

a. Term 1: three (3) months fees

b. Term 2: three (3) months fees

c. Term 3: three (3) months fees

d. Term 4: two (2) months fees

2. The course fee may be pro-rated when your child’s first lesson does not fall on the 1st week of the term. The fee will be pro-rated based on four (4) lessons in a month.

3. Fees are due on the first lesson of every term, with each term commencing either on January, April, July or October.

4. Course fees must be paid in full, latest by the 15th of the first month in a term. Following the deadline, a late payment surcharge of $50.00 will be imposed.

5. The term fee rate will be computed based on the monthly fee rate for three (3) months, regardless of the number of lessons in the calendar months, unless otherwise stated.

6. The monthly fee for Primary 3 and 4 is $240, while the monthly fee for Primary 5 and 6 is $280.

7. All lessons are paid for in advance. All course fees are inclusive of course materials.

8. All receipts will be issued via email. Please retain the receipts for verification purposes.

9. All payments made are strictly non-refundable, non-transferable and non-negotiable.


1. We accept payment in the following mediums:

a. Cash (least preferred)

b. Cheque addressed to “The Pique Lab Pte. Ltd.

c. Bank Transfer to DBS Current account (100-904204-4) (most preferred)

i. You are required to indicate your child’s full name in the Reference field of the bank transfer form to facilitate The Centre’s administrative duties.

ii. You are required to update The Centre’s administrative manager, May at 8181-2970 via SMS text message, WhatsApp message (most preferred), or Email, immediately after payment is made.


1. The Centre requires the student to be enrolled for a minimum of one term. No mid-term withdrawals are allowed.

2. The Centre will not be able to offer any refund or fee credit if your child chooses to terminate classes with us.

3. The Centre will need a written notice (delivered by hand, post, email, WhatsApp message or SMS text message) of your expressed intention to terminate your child’s attendance at The Centre. This notice must be delivered at least one (1) month before the end of the term.


1. A student is entitled to two (2) make-up lessons per course term regardless of the reason of absence.

2. The Centre’s curriculum starts on Tuesday and ends on the following Monday.

3. There is strictly no make-up lesson or fee credit if a student is absent for the 3rd time in a term regardless of the reason of absence. In this case, the lesson notes will be distributed to the student.

4. Make-up lessons will be offered on a best-effort basis subjected to The Centre’s discretion and class availability. If offered, it must be attended within the same curriculum week of the original class at the same academic level.

5. Make-up lessons cannot be accumulated and carried forward to the next term.

6. The Centre may amend the class schedule for existing regular classes during school holidays in March, June or September.

7. Request for make-up classes shall be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance and no earlier than thirty (30) days in advance.

8. Once a make-up lesson has been arranged, your child’s original slot for that week will be released to other students who are seeking for make-up opportunities.

9. The Centre will not be able to offer a second make-up class if your child missed his/her scheduled make-up lesson, regardless of the circumstance.

10. There will also be no make-up lesson or fee credit for lessons that fall on major National Public Holidays, as stated in “9.0 Academic Year & Closure”.


1. Your child should not come for classes if they show any signs of illnesses (such as coughing, sneezing or vomiting). This is to prevent infecting other children in the classroom. A child showing symptoms of illness will be required to be taken home immediately.

2. If your child has contracted any childhood diseases, such as chicken pox, hand, foot and mouth disease or measles, you must notify The Centre and keep him or her at home until the quarantine period is over.

3. In the interest of your child’s well being whilst in The Centre’s care, The Centre must be informed of any medical or other conditions affecting your child.


1. Students should be aware that they are attending the course(s) to study and are expected to behave responsibly at all times.

2. Activities, which would cause disturbance to other students or The Centre, will result in instant dismissal from the course. In such case, no fee refund will be made.

3. Students have the responsibility to file their lesson materials (notes, worksheets, diagnostic tests). Additional fees will be incurred in the event that the materials are missing and a reprint is needed.

4. Students are not allowed to share or disseminate any material by The Centre to anyone who is not a student from The Centre.

5. Students who are found committing the above offence may be subjected to instant dismissal from The Centre. In such case, no fee refund will be made.


1. Parents shall permit The Centre and its Staff to record their child’s image, work or voice for publicity, promotional, publishing or educational purposes.

2. The Centre will need a written notice (delivered by hand, post, email, WhatsApp message or SMS text message) of your expressed intention to opt out from the above clause.

3. Parents and students are not allowed to make photographic, video and/or other recordings inside our classrooms or premises unless you have obtained prior consent from The Centre.


1. The full academic year commences on the first week of January. The academic year ends on the last week of September for Primary 6 students and the last week of November for Primary 3, Primary 4 and Primary 5 students.

2. The Centre will not be organising any regular lessons during the month of December.

3. The Centre runs an on-going curriculum during the school holidays (i.e. March, June and September). Students are required to attend the scheduled lessons as per normal during the school holidays and are liable to pay for the corresponding course fees.

4. There will not be any lessons conducted on all gazetted National Public Holidays such as New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year (including Eve), Good Friday, Labour Day, Vesak Day, Hari Raya Puasa, National Day, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali and Christmas Day (including Eve), according to the National Calendar.


1. Course fees may be changed and the services offered may be withdrawn at any time. In the above case, The Centre will give at least four (4) weeks advance notice to the student. However, course fees will not be varied when a course is in progress.

2. The Centre reserves the right to cancel a course if it is undersubscribed. In this case, you will be given a full refund of fees paid for the unattended lessons.

3. Queries pertaining to any external materials brought in by students will only be answered or handled at the teachers’ discretion and convenience.

4. The Centre reserves the rights to change the tutors if it deems necessary and conduct the programs and classes in any manner it deems appropriate.

5. Parents are updated on the latest information through emails or newsletters and notices served to their children in classes.

6. Parents are advised not to talk to tutors during lessons and between classes.

7. Private negotiation or engaging in business with or hiring of The Centre’s staff, trainers or partners is strictly prohibited.

8. The clock provided in The Centre’s premises is the official time for commencement and dismissal of classes.


1. While The Centre and its Staff will exercise the utmost care and precautions to ensure the safety of every student during classes, parents accept that mishaps and accidents may occur due to circumstances beyond The Centre’s control. Therefore, all parents agree that The Centre cannot be held liable for such incidents and will thus indemnify The Centre against such liability.

2. Parents or guardians will accept full liability for any damage caused by the student to premises where programmes are conducted.

3. The Centre will not be responsible or liable for the loss of any personal property in The Centre’s premises.

4. Upon the dismissal of classes, The Centre will not be responsible for the whereabouts of the students. Hence, The Centre seeks the kind cooperation of all parents and guardians. Herein thereof, parents are advised to take note of their children’s dismissal times and arrange for prompt pick-up.

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