Water Cycle Practice Booklet



The Water Cycle Practice Booklet provides a curated selection of past year examination questions from the topic of Water Cycle.

It is designed for primary school students who are interested in getting more practice for both the multiple-choice section and open-ended section from this topic.

Featuring 45 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 20 open-ended questions (OEQs), our curation of questions on Water Cycle will help to gear your child towards mastery in this topic if he/she dedicates the time required to work on them diligently.  This practice booklet includes suggested answers provided by our academic team from The Pique Lab.


(1) For customers who are interested in receiving this product via express delivery, you can expect to receive it within 5 – 7 business days after the order is made.

(2) For customers interested in dropping by our centre to purchase the materials in-person, we may not have ready stock. We’d greatly appreciate it if you could drop us a WhatsApp text at 8621 1533 to check on the stock availability to avoid a wasted trip.

(3) This is essentially a compilation of past year examination questions (MCQs & OEQs), together with suggested answers from our academic team using the CCI™ methodology. Kindly note that there will be NO additional tips/guidance provided in this booklet.

(4) The suggested answers should be treated only as a guide. The answers provided may not be entirely representative of the opinions of all primary school Science examination setters in Singapore. The Pique Lab will not be offering any refund/store credit under any circumstance.


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