Dear Parents & Students

Looking To Attend Workshops At The Pique Lab?

Please take a couple of minutes to review what we’ve planned for our students.

Pick A Model That Best Suits You

Our ad-hoc workshops/ masterclasses will be made available in one of the learning arrangements: (1) Hybrid Workshops (*most common), (2) Full Digital Workshops and (3) Full Onsite Workshops.


Hybrid Workshops

Which Workshop Is This Applicable?

Ad-hoc masterclasses and workshops are hybrid workshops, unless otherwise stated.

Method of Instruction

There are two options available:

Option 1: Attend the workshop at our Centre (onsite).

Option 2: Attend the workshop digitally via Zoom.

Learning Materials

The learning materials will be delivered to your provided address via courier delivery prior to the commencement of the workshop.

WhatsApp Reminders

Our Customer Care team will send you a lesson reminder to you via WhatsApp one week & one day prior to the commencement of the workshop.

Make-Up Lessons

This applies to workshops with two or more sessions.

If your child requires a make-up lesson, please reach out to us regarding your needs & we’ll attempt* to arrange a digital make-up lesson for your child¬†in a different class.

*Please note that make-up arrangements are subjected to availability and are not guaranteed.

Looking To Attend Onsite Lessons At Our Centre?

Here’s How Keep Your Child Safe With Enhanced Measures

From the beginning, your child’s safety and well-being have always been important to us. We¬†will be adopting a series of government-mandated measures to make our onsite experience as safe as possible for our learners.

SafeEntry Registration & Temperature Screening

Every student authorised to attend onsite lessons will need to report to the Temperature Screening Station before attending the class:

(i) Undergo health screening (temperature taking & health declaration)
(ii) Check in via SafeEntry only if the following conditions are met:

  • You/your child have not had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days
  • You/your child are not currently under a Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice
  • You/your child do not have fever or flu-like symptoms
  • You/your child agree to the terms and consent to the collection and use of your information for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing

‚ú≥ÔłŹ Please ensure that your child brings along a¬†mobile device or Student ID to facilitate the SafeEntry processing.

If your child is living in the same household as a family member who is unwell, he/she should not be attending his/her onsite lesson for that particular week.

Staff and students who are unwell (i.e. fever or respiratory symptoms) will not be allowed to enter our premises.

Revised In-Class Seating Arrangement

Students attending onsite lessons will be split into groups (up to 8 per group) with at least 1-metre distancing between both groups.

As much as possible, we will attempt to assign onsite classes across all of our classrooms in the other units on the same level to avoid intermingling between students.

Entry/exit timings of all students will also be staggered.

How It’ll Be Like In Our Serene Centre #02-20 Classrooms:


How It’ll Be Like In Our Serene Centre #02-17A Classroom:


How It’ll Be Like In Our Serene Centre #02-18 Classroom:


How It’ll Be Like In Our Serene Centre #02-05A Classroom:


How It’ll Be Like In Our Crown Centre #01-07 Classroom:


How It’ll Be Like In Our Crown Centre #01-06 Classroom:


Disinfection Between Classes & Regular, Extensive Sanitisation Efforts

Classrooms will also be thoroughly sanitised before and after classes.

We have also stepped up our sanitisation efforts in classrooms and common areas with the use of NEA-approved professional cleaners.

Deep cleaning by fogging non-toxic, skin-friendly chemicals have also been scheduled on a weekly basis.

Use of Masks

All students will be required to wear a mask at the Centre. Students can choose to wear a face shield on top of a mask for additional protection if desired.

Easy Access to Sanitisers

Automated hand sanitiser dispenser machines have also been installed along all common areas for students to use when necessary.

Safe Distancing Control In Common Areas

Aside from the installation of safe distancing markers on the ground, safe distancing ambassadors will also be deployed to remind students to keep a safe distance from each other.

As much as possible, parents who are picking up their children should make pick-up arrangements at Level 1 to avoid crowding the waiting areas.

Changes to Reception Operations

Our Reception will also remain CLOSED for enquiries and payment.

If you would like to learn more about our programmes or products, please contact us via WhatsApp, Email or Live Chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the teachers be able to overcome the challenge of communicating to both groups of onsite/digital students and not compromise the quality of teaching?

As the teacher will still be teaching through his/her digital device while onsite, we would expect that students attending digitally will experience little to no change to how they have been learning so far.

Concurrently, students who attend onsite lessons will be viewing the teacher’s shared screen projected on the whiteboard. This would be the same screen that students see in the current online lesson set-up, allowing the teacher to address and speak to both groups of students.

This arrangement for on-site lessons is meant to cater to students who are often distracted at home by their digital devices and require a more conducive physical setting, such as a classroom and a teacher who is present to help them focus.

We’ll continue to monitor, evaluate and improve the learning experience as we go along.

What is the maximum capacity in a classroom?

Up to a maximum of 14 students* will be allowed to attend onsite lessons in our classroom.

Students who show up for an onsite class when they are not scheduled will be turned away from the Centre.

We seek your kind understanding in this matter as we need to comply with the social distancing directives by the Ministry of Education.

*The maximum venue capacity depends on the classroom.