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P2 2019 Science Exploration Programme

Ignite A Joy In Learning Science


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The Pique Lab will be organising a 2-day Science Exploration Programme for Primary 2 students who are moving up to Primary 3 next year during the November Holidays. Each session will be 1.5 hours long.

In this 2-day programme, our primary school Science specialists will work together with your child to nurture an interest in Science.

We engage your child through a series of hands-on experiments and group activities that encourage problem-solving and inquisitive thinking.

Session 1: Application of Aerodynamics Around Us

In this 1.5-hour session, your child will:

1) Explore the principles of aerodynamics by learning how a parachute works

2) Design a parachute using the concepts taught

3) Learn the different types of seeds & how seed dispersal works

4) Participate in a competition and see whose parachute can stay in the air for the longest! (… and stand to win prizes!)


Session 2: A Quick Introduction To Life Cycles

In this 1.5-hour session, your child will:

1) Learn how life cycles work by matching the organisms based on the respective life stages

2) Explore the concept of heredity & why organisms share similar traits as their parents

3) Engage in an origami-making exercise to create a family of puppies

P2 2019 Science Exploration Programme Details

S$ 140*/- *GST-inclusive (includes materials)



Available Classes

Run 11: Friday 5PM to 6.30PM (22/11 & 29/11)

P2 2019 Science Exploration Programme (Run 11) 

Conducted by: Mr. Derrick Toh
Dates: 22/11 & 29/11, Friday
Time: 5PM to 6.30PM

Unavailable Classes

The following classes are currently full. If you are interested in any of these time slots, we can assist to place your child on the wait list after you register below.

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So, You’re Interested In The Science Exploration Programme?