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Do You Want Your Child to Do Well in Science?

Well, of course you do… who would ever not want their child to do well?

The REAL question is – What should your child do to score well in Science?

There are almost hundreds of different strategies & techniques, so where should your child start? Where should he/she focus his/her time?

Let’s look at the use of assessment books as practice, for example. Many parents feel that it is necessary for their children to attempt many questions in assessment books to score well in Science. With so many topics and types of books out there, how can you know which ones to focus on first?

The reality is that you know your child will NEVER be able to finish doing all those assessment books even if we don’t focus on everything. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible.

But we are still able to help our students get fantastic results like no one else can because we have figured out a handful of techniques that actually move the needle.

Just take a look at the screenshot.

Jerome only scored 56/100 during his P6 SA1 examination. In a short span of three months, we worked together with him to achieve mastery in the Science subject. Lo and behold, he scored 92/100 in his preliminary examinations & eventually an ‘A’ during the PSLE Science examination.

If you think that is impressive, check out what other parents have been saying:

As you can see from the screenshots, we know our stuff.

This is what we do better than anybody – helping primary school students rapidly boost their knowledge in Science and attain their desired grades.

If we have successfully helped more than 80.6% of our students attain As and A*s, we can do the same for your child as well.

SO — if you want your child to work together with us and improve like the examples above, keep reading…

😍 Like What We Do? Leave Your Child In Good Hands. 🤗

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Parents Trust Their Children With Us

The #1 Preferred Choice Among Parents For Science Tuition

We help to empower your child with clear thought processes & precise answering techniques that bring massive improvements in his/her Science examination results.

The #1 Preferred Choice Among Parents For Science Tuition

We help to empower your child with clear thought processes & precise answering techniques that bring massive improvements in his/her Science examination results.

Enriching Learning Experience

Our programmes have impacted over 10.809 students since 2013. Unlock your child’s inquisitive mind through interacting with visuals & experiments closely linked to the MOE school syllabus.

Stellar Track Record

Powered by a methodology that has worked incredibly well for our students. With more than 80.6% of our students scoring As & A*s in Science, you can have a peace of mind.

Dynamic & Qualified Science Specialists

Let’s face it – teachers make or break the learning experience for your child. At The Pique Lab, your child will be meticulously coached by specialists who know their stuff & geuninely care for your child.

Well-designed Study Materials

We have invested a lot of time & money to craft the best learning materials in the industry. It’s a no-brainer that every child loves their own set of visually-appealing notes. We also handpick questions from past year school examination papers to make learning as relevant as possible.

Tracking Learning Progression

We have in-class exercises, homework & diagnostic assessments periodically in our regular classes to track your child’s learning progression. This helps us keep a pulse on your child’s abilities.

Strong Post-programme Support

Support doesn’t end after your child leaves our classroom. If you’ve a burning question, all we need you to do is to post it on the Parent Support Group & our specialists will help you out. It’s that simple!

Pick Your Preferred Learning Arrangement

Digital & Onsite Lessons Are Available For Our Classes

Digital Lessons

Your child will join either a Permanent Digital Class or a Hybrid Class and attend lessons live via Zoom every week based on the scheduled day and time.

The learning materials will be delivered to your provided address via courier delivery every 6 weeks.

If your child requires a make-up lesson, we’ll be able to arrange for your child attend a digital make-up lesson in an alternate class during the same academic week.

*Students enrolled in Permanent Digital Classes are only permitted to attend their classes digitally.

Onsite Lessons

Your child will join a Hybrid Class and attend lessons at the Centre every week based on the scheduled day and time.

The learning materials will be delivered to your provided address via courier delivery every 6 weeks.

If your child requires a make-up lesson, we’ll be able to arrange for your child attend a digital make-up lesson in an alternate class during the same academic week.

Be It Digital or Onsite Lessons, We've Got Your Back.

Here's How We Make It Easy For Parents & Students!

Step 1

Pick your preferred class based on the available dates & time and preferred learning arrangement (digital/onsite).

Once we have received your child's registration, we'll confirm the lesson details with you via WhatsApp.

Step 2

Sit back & relax while we courier the handouts required for the class to your home.

Install Zoom on your child's learning device if you have not done so.


Step 3

One Day Prior To The Lesson:

Digital Students

You will receive the virtual classroom credentials and what to prepare for the class via WhatsApp.

Onsite Students

You will receive a reminder via WhatsApp on where your child should report and what to prepare for the class.

Step 4

On The Day Of The Lesson:

Digital Students

Your child should log into the virtual classroom 5 minutes before the lesson, with his/her handouts and stationery.

Onsite Students

If your child is scheduled to attend onsite lessons at our Centre, please arrive 15 minutes before the class to complete the temperature screening and SafeEntry admission procedures.

Try Us Out With Our Risk-Free Offer 🥰

Pay for that digital lesson only if your child enjoyed it & would like to continue with our regular classes.

In other words, if your child did not benefit (or enjoy) from the digital lesson for whatever reason, just let us know after the session and we will not charge you for it.

We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you are even the least bit worried if our digital learning experiences will work for your child, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back.

It’s as simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions 💬

💻 About Digital/ Hybrid Lessons

Do you offer trial lessons? Is it free to try a class?

Yes, we do. We can arrange for a trial lesson in our digital classes. The purpose of the trial lesson is to allow your child to better understand the teaching pedagogy that is adopted at our centre without a long term commitment.

Presently, we’re having a risk-free offer for prospective enrollments:

We welcome your child to try us out if he/she has never attended regular classes with us.    

If your child enjoyed the lesson & would like to continue, that digital lesson will be billable. Otherwise, the lesson is on us.

If your child is intending to continue classes with us after the digital lesson, the fee of the trial lesson will be billed as such:

Primary 3 & 4: S$70

Primary 5 & 6: S$80

Secondary 1 & 2: S$90

The above fees quoted are nett and inclusive of goods and services tax (GST).

How are your digital lessons conducted? Is it safe?

We use Zoom, a virtual classroom tool to deliver lessons to our students without the need for them to be physically present in the classroom.

From the beginning, we’ve implemented a series of security measures on Zoom to lock down our virtual classrooms:

(1) All of our classes are hosted using private meeting IDs that are also password protected.

(2) We have been using a ‘waiting room’ feature that allows us to screen our participants before we let them in based on our attendance sheet.

(3) Zoom has a feature that requires the teacher, who is sharing the screen at the moment to allow a “takeover” of the screensharing function. In other words, intruders are not allowed to share their screen easily to show obscene images.

(4) A teacher is required to be present in the virtual classroom before any student can join.

(5) In the event that an unidentified participant is inadvertently added to the classroom, we will be able to remove them.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has also issued an advisory that schools can continue to use Zoom for their digital lessons, so long as the necessary security settings and protocols are in place.

Why do you have to courier the worksheets to me? Why can't I print the worksheets on my own?

Our team has decided to courier the documents to you as this eliminates the inconvenience behind printing the handouts or having your child attempt the questions electronically.

Given that your child’s upcoming examinations are very likely to be done on paper, we want to retain the familiarity behind attempting questions and writing answers on paper. It is very important to not lose this touch, especially with the increase in digitalised learning during this period.

Lastly, this decision was made to protect our organisation’s intellectual property interests. 

What happens if I or my child experiences any technical issues?

(1) We will be sending you a user manual on how to set things up.

(2) We strongly suggest that you and your child conduct a demo session before the actual lesson.

(3) If you still experience any technical difficulties, please try on an alternative device.

(4) If you are still unable to resolve your problem, please reach out to our Customer Care team via our helpdesk:

We’re available to help you during the regular operating hours:

Monday: 12PM to 7PM

Tuesday to Friday: 12PM to 9PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 7PM

Can my child access the live video lesson on two or more devices?/ Can I share access with my friends?

No, we only permit one student to be connected to the live video lesson at any point in time.

This is because we need to be fair to all of the students who have paid for academic support & also to prevent the abuse of our video lessons.

Attendance will be taken before the start of the lesson. Unidentifiable students or duplicate students will be removed from the lesson. 

Why am I unable to record the live video lesson?

Due to the sensitivity of the material, we are not permitting video playbacks in order to protect the organisation’s intellectual property interests.

As such, we seek your kind understanding to get your child to pay close attention during the lesson and ask any questions if he/she has them.

Besides, our teachers are also available to address any Science-related questions on the academic WhatsApp line during this entire period. 

When will you resume offline lessons?


(1) All weekly, regular classes will be delivered as:

  • Permanent Digital Classes: Students will be attending the class digitally till the end of the academic year.
  • Hybrid Classes: Students alternate between attending an onsite lesson & a digital lesson every week*.

*As we have a significantly larger proportion of hybrid classes, we are also permitting students to attend hybrid classes digitally until we decide to stop operating hybrid classes & convert them to full onsite classes.

(2) Full resumption of onsite classes from hybrid classes can only take place once the ministries have given the green light to do so (i.e. all social distancing measures in the classroom no longer apply). 

🗓 About Regular Classes: Administrative Matters

How are the fees computed for the regular classes?

The regular classes will be billed termly (i.e. every 3 months), in which you will be billed based on the number of lessons in each term.

We have four terms in an academic year & they are segmented as the following:

– Term 1: January, February & March
– Term 2: April, May & June
– Term 3: July, August & September
– Term 4: October & November

*Term 4 does not apply to Primary 6 students.

Fee for each lesson for the following academic levels:

– Primary 3 & 4: S$70
– Primary 5 & 6: S$80
– Secondary 1 & 2: S$90

If you were to enrol your child in the middle of the term, the fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

Do you have lessons during holidays?

Classes will still carry on during school holidays (i.e. March, June & September) and on selected public holidays.

The list of public holiday dates that we will not be conducting lessons on will be furnished in our Terms & Conditions prior to enrollment.

Do you offer make-up classes?

We allow three make-up lessons in a term [E.g. Jan – Mar (one term), Apr – Jun (one term), Jul – Sept (one term)]The make-up has to be carried out within the same week in any of our existing group classes if there are available slots.

Please check with your dedicated Community Manager if you would like to arrange a make-up lesson.

If your child is unable to attend the make-up lesson in any of our existing group classes (despite having available slots), the materials will be handed to him/her in the next lesson.

✏️ About Regular Classes: Academic Matters

Can my child start the regular classes without a trial lesson?

It is mandatory for prospective students to enroll for a trial lesson, prior to the commencement of lessons with The Pique Lab, unless your child has enrolled in any of our regular classes in 2019.

For us, we’re all about the best fit. There are two main qualifying criteria when we shortlist students for our regular classes: 1) Learning Attitude, 2) Learning Aptitude (Ability)

1) A student with a good learning attitude and aptitude will be the best fit for our Science programme. We’re best able to help him/her improve in the shortest period of time (In some cases, we’ve had students who saw their grades jumping from 70s to high 80s in less than 3 months)

2) A student with a good learning attitude and poor learning aptitude will eventually improve, so long as they put in the hard work to memorise, revise and apply what they learn. They’ll probably take a longer time to absorb the subject matter, but we’ve seen them improve once they’re equipped with the right skills to excel.

3) We’ve also worked with students with poor learning attitudes (i.e. lazy) and good learning aptitudes. Assuming that these students comfortable with the learning environment, we can try to work with them to overcome their learning challenges. However, a lot of effort is often required to get them to a state where they’re ready to learn and improve. Parents usually commit for one term to assess if our classes work for their kids. In certain cases, we’ve managed to inspire and motivate them to change for the better.

4) The regular classes are not suitable for students with poor learning attitudes and aptitudes. In most cases, these students tend to be disinterested in the subject matter and have problems trying to pay attention in class. (Read more below on these students can be helped)

We recognise that our primary school Science programmes are not a one-size-fits-all solution for every student. While we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students, we also understand that not every student will benefit fully from our programmes. As such, we’ve decided to put in place a behavioural assessment during the trial lesson to quickly assess if the student has a higher propensity of improvement under our guidance.

During the trial lesson, the teacher is able to observe the student’s performance and highlight any potential challenges so that parents can make an informed decision before committing to our regular classes. This is especially important as it is crucial for parents and teachers to align their expectations and work hand-in-hand to maximise a student’s potential.

On the contrary, if a student exhibits signs of inattentiveness, disruption and/or laziness, it’s not that he/she cannot be helped. Rather, a different learning approach should be adopted & it’s typically best administered through a private 1 to 1 arrangement, which we do not offer at our centre. As different students have different learning needs, our role as educators is to find one that best fits them, so they can spend their time meaningfully every week.

My child is very weak. Do you have classes catered specially for my child as I am afraid he/she will not be able to catch up with the pace of the class ?

We do not segregate the classes based on their ability.

The key objective of the regular classes is to introduce and expose students to the various forms of writing and the techniques involved in tackling Science questions.

As long as our students can understand what is being taught in class, they will do fine. In such situations, we will advise on the suitability of our classes after your child has attended a trial session.

My child does not like to do homework. Will your programme still be helpful?

If your child is unwilling to cooperate with us, our programme will not be effective for him/her.

Completing their homework is an essential aspect of the learning process as it provides us the feedback on whether your child is able to apply the techniques and structures of writing independently.

This enable us to identify students who “fall through the cracks”, allowing us to raise the challenges and difficulties faced by our students, prompting closer communication and cooperation between us and parents.

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You can schedule a digital trial lesson for your child with us at no risk (*only applicable for new enrollments).

In other words, if your child enjoyed the first digital lesson with us, you pay for it. If not, that lesson is on us.

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