S3 Elementary Mathematics Grade Accelerator Programme™

Nurturing Your Child To Be An Inquisitive Learner

Secondary 3 Regular Class

Become Proficient In Tackling Secondary 3 Elementary Mathematics Questions!

Discover proven answering techniques to score A1 in Mathematics! (AND how your child can do it too… with the right guidance!)

How Your Child Will Benefit

The S3 Elementary Mathematics Grade Accelerator Programme (S3 GAP™) is a weekly, 2-hour session where your child will discover proven learning strategies to apply the Mathematics concepts he/she has learnt at school on examination questions effectively and accurately.

During this 2-hour weekly class, we’ll work closely with your child to improve his/her thought processes and answering techniques to tackle Elementary Mathematics questions.

Appreciate Abstract Math Concepts Through Story-telling

We help students appreciate Math concepts that they’re learning by showing them how they can be applied to different scenarios in their daily lives. This helps to create a purpose for learning Mathematics, which is an important motivation tool for your child to do well in the subject.

We also weave analogies to help our students remember certain mathematical rules better, so that they’re able to apply them effectively and accurately.

How We Help Students Remember The Distributive Law In Algebra: a(b+c). = ab + ac

Step-By-Step Methods To Tackle Various Math Question Types

The S3 Elementary Math GAP™ curriculum was formulated based on our academic team’s analysis of hundreds of past year upper Secondary Elementary Mathematics examination papers.

In order to master the Secondary 3 Elementary Math syllabus fast, your child needs to know how a particular concept may be tested as well as the approach behind tackling mathematical problems.

We start by teaching your child how to think and what exactly to look out for in each question. Every concept taught is accompanied with worked examples and practice questions, so your child can master these concepts by doing instead of listening.

How We Pair Worked Examples With Practice Questions

Gain Confidence With Examination-Centric Learning Materials

Not only will our Secondary Math Specialist guide your child through the step-by-step process of tackling Secondary 3 Elementary Math questions, we’ll also provide your child with beautifully-illustrated notes and targeted practices that are all designed to help students learn Elementary Math easier, better and faster.

Your child’s confidence in Elementary Math is likely to become higher with greater exposure to past year examination questions and close guidance on a regular basis. Besides in-class exercises and homework, additional practices are also given to students if they feel they need them.

With that, you no longer have to fret over which assessment book to get because your child is well taken care of with us.

S3 Elementary Mathematics Grade Accelerator Programme™

  • Level Eligibility: Secondary 3
    (O-Level (Express)/ IP/ IGCSE)
  • Session(s): Weekly
  • Total Duration: 2 hours/ session
  • Tuition Fee:
    • S$110/session* (term billing)
    • $60 one-time registration fee

About The Instructor

Ms. Freda Kong

With 6 years of experience teaching secondary school students, Ms. Freda possesses extensive knowledge of the Mathematics syllabus. She has been successful at guiding her students through complex mathematical concepts and ideas with patience and care, instilling a sense of confidence in them. With a strong passion for Mathematics, Ms. Freda believes in cultivating a genuine love for Mathematics in her students. Her students hold her in high regard as a warm and approachable teacher. Her ability to establish swift connections with her students is bolstered by her adept use of relatable anecdotes and illustrations that effectively engage and motivate them.

Every Child Is Supported In Every Step of The Way

We have in-class exercises, homework & topical assessments periodically in our weekly sessions to track your child’s learning progression. This helps us keep a pulse on your child’s abilities as we work towards the A1.

Examination-Centric Elementary Mathematics Notes

Highly Targeted In-Class Exercises

Homework for Self-Practice

Diagnostic Tests for Progress Tracking

Secondary 3 Elementary Mathematics GAP™ Curriculum

⚠️ The following topic coverage is subjected to changes.





































Who Should Attend This Programme?

Any student who wants to score A1s for Mathematics, but is reluctant to revise using the traditional DRILLING method.

Your child is the kind of student who wants to outperform his/ her peers & study the SMART way, like many other high performing students.

Students who are having tuition that simply do not work for them.

You probably have invested thousands of dollars & months of time, but it’s just not working out.

Your child isn’t exactly progressing much & you’re looking for a change in environment.

Existing high performing students who want to strengthen their thought process & refine their answers to perfection!

Your child has been consistently scoring A2 or low A1, but struggle to get a breakthrough to the high A1 score, no matter how hard he/she has tried.

Here’s What Students Have Said About Ms. Munah

Very Patient & Accommodating Teacher!

“My interest and results in Math were very low before I started tuition with Ms. Munah.

Ms. Munah was a very patient and accommodating teacher who would never hesitate to slow down to guide her students. She taught the fundamentals very well and that was the key factor which was needed for success in Mathematics. My school was only teaching methods of how to solve questions and not going through the basics, which made me feel lost.

After Ms. Munah guided me through the basics, my understanding of Mathematics rose and I was able to solve more and more questions on my own!”

Isaac (St. Patrick’s School Student)

Never Fails To Make Lessons Engaging And Useful!

“Ms. Munah has always been a friendly, bubbly and tolerant teacher. She teaches very effectively and makes learning a joy.

Whenever in doubt, she would always patiently guide and explain to her students on the details on how to solve the Mathematics questions. I remembered during my O level year, when my classmates and I had queries she would always be happy to help us by encouraging us to message her or give her a call and she would always give prompt replies.

She would encourage her students to present by pointing out their strengths and speak in the kindest manner to those who were struggling to start. Additionally, Ms. Munah never fails to make lessons engaging and useful for all her students. She takes great effort to go through each student’s questions and gives constructive feedback for them to work on.

Ultimately, she is a very dedicated and passionate teacher and I am very glad to have a teacher like her.”

Shereen (Tanjong Katong Girls’ School Student)

She Helped Me Get From F9 to A1 In 5 Months!

“Ms. Munah has helped me build my foundation in Mathematics since Secondary 2.

Without her being there to ensure that I had all my concepts thoroughly understood, I would not have been able to improve from an F9 to an A1 in 5 months and get straight As from secondary school till A levels.

She has taught me that while doing challenging questions is important, we must be able to know when to apply which concepts to what type of questions.

Furthermore, Ms Munah is very dedicated and hardworking. She would take the time to find interesting questions and alternate solutions to constantly challenge me to think about the problem, picture the question and solve the puzzle efficiently.”

Cihui (Anglican High School Student)

Made Her Students Her Top Priority!

“Ms. Munah is an excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that I was well-equipped with the materials being taught in class.

She never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to me. Her enthusiasm and friendliness has definitely rubbed off on her students as her students are very attentive during class.

She has always made her students her top priority as she has dedicated time to giving us extra consultations to clarify our doubts outside of our allocated lesson time. She has always tutored us to the best of her ability and guided us patiently during stressful examination periods to help us achieve the grades we want.”

Mintra (Tanjong Katong Girls’ School Student)

S3 Grade Accelerator Programme™ Details

Suitable For Students In O-Level (Express)/ IP*/ IB*/ IGCSE* Track (*See FAQ)


Registration Fee: S$60*
Lesson Fee: S$110* (billed termly)
Deposit & Material Fee: None
*GST has been included in the above fee.


Click on the button below to view the schedule of classes in the form.

You can schedule a trial lesson before committing to a regular arrangement with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the fees computed for the S3 Elementary Math GAP™?

The S3 Elementary Math Grade Accelerator Programme™ will be billed termly (i.e. every 3 months), in which you will be billed based on the number of lessons in each term. The fee of each lesson is $110 (nett – inclusive of GST). Each term, on average, works out to be approximately $1,320.

We have four terms in an academic year for Secondary 3 students & they are segmented as the following:

– Term 1: January, February & March
– Term 2: April, May & June
– Term 3: July, August & September
– Term 4: October & November

If you were to enrol your child in the middle of the term, the fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

My child is in the IP/ IB/ IGCSE academic track. Is your programme suitable?

Our S3 Grade Accelerator Programme™ is designed based on the O-Level (Express) track.

Based on our research, it appears that there’re only minor differences in terms of content coverage between the O-Level (Express) track and the IP/IB/IGCSE track at a lower secondary level.

As such, it will be suitable for your child to participate if he/she is interested.

My child is very weak. Do you have classes catered specially for my child as I am afraid he/she will not be able to catch up with the pace of the class ?

We do not segregate the classes based on their abilities.

One of the advantages behind attending the regular classes is that your child will get regular exposure to a wide variety of Mathematical question types. We’ll show your child exactly how to solve these questions, together with worked examples in our notes.

As long as your child can understand what is being taught in class, he/she will do fine with more practice. We also provide additional academic support via a dedicated WhatsApp line for students who require more guidance.

If you’re afraid about the pace of the class, we can also advise you on the suitability of our classes after your child has attended a trial lesson with us.

My child does not like to do homework. Will your programme still be helpful?

If your child is unwilling to cooperate with us, our programme will not be effective for him/her.

Completing their homework is an essential aspect of the learning process as it provides us the feedback on whether your child is able to apply the techniques and structures of writing independently.

This enable us to identify students who “fall through the cracks”, allowing us to raise the challenges and difficulties faced by our students, prompting closer communication and cooperation between us and parents.

Do you have lessons during holidays?

Lessons for Secondary 3 students will take place from January until the last week of November.

Classes will still carry on during school holidays (i.e. March, June & September). However, there will be no lessons on selected public holidays.

The materials for that session will be given to students as homework & they will be reviewed together in class in the next session.

Do you offer make-up classes?

We allow three make-up lessons in a term [E.g. Jan – Mar (one term), Apr – Jun (one term), Jul – Sep (one term), Oct – Nov (one term)], subjected to availability. The make-up lesson has to be attended within the same week in any of our existing group classes if there are available slots.

Please check with our Customer Care team if you would like to arrange a make-up lesson.

If your child is unable to attend the make-up lesson, the materials will be handed to him/her in the next lesson.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Yes, we do. We can arrange for a trial lesson at a fee of $110.

The purpose of the trial lesson is to allow your child to better understand the teaching pedagogy that is adopted at our centre without a long term commitment.

Can I start the S3 Elementary Mathematics Grade Accelerator Programme™ without a trial lesson?

It is mandatory for prospective students to enroll for a trial lesson, prior to the commencement of lessons with The Pique Lab.

For us, we’re all about the best fit. There are two main qualifying criteria when we shortlist students for our regular classes: 1) Learning Attitude, 2) Learning Aptitude (Ability)

1) A student with a good learning attitude and aptitude will be the best fit for our Mathematics programme. We’re best able to help him/her improve in the shortest period of time (In some cases, we’ve had students who saw their grades jumping from 70s to high 80s in less than 3 months)

2) A student with a good learning attitude and poor learning aptitude will eventually improve, so long as they put in the hard work to memorise, revise and apply what they learn. They’ll probably take a longer time to absorb the subject matter, but we’ve seen them improve once they’re equipped with the right skills to excel.

3) We’ve also worked with students with poor learning attitudes (i.e. lazy) and good learning aptitudes. Assuming that these students comfortable with the learning environment, we can try to work with them to overcome their learning challenges. However, a lot of effort is often required to get them to a state where they’re ready to learn and improve. Parents usually commit for one term to assess if our classes work for their kids. In certain cases, we’ve managed to inspire and motivate them to change for the better.

4) The regular classes are not suitable for students with poor learning attitudes and aptitudes. In most cases, these students tend to be disinterested in the subject matter and have problems trying to pay attention in class. (Read more below on these students can be helped)

We recognise that our secondary school Mathematics programmes are not a one-size-fits-all solution for every student. While we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students, we also understand that not every student will benefit fully from our programmes. As such, we’ve decided to put in place a behavioural assessment during the trial lesson to quickly assess if the student has a higher propensity of improvement under our guidance.

During the trial lesson, the teacher is able to observe the student’s performance and highlight any potential challenges so that parents can make an informed decision before committing to our regular classes. This is especially important as it is crucial for parents and teachers to align their expectations and work hand-in-hand to maximise a student’s potential.

On the contrary, if a student exhibits signs of inattentiveness, disruption and/or laziness, it’s not that he/she cannot be helped. Rather, a different learning approach should be adopted & it’s typically best administered through a private 1 to 1 arrangement, which we do not offer at our centre. As different students have different learning needs, our role as educators is to find one that best fits them, so they can spend their time meaningfully every week.

2024 Secondary 3 Elementary Mathematics Grade Accelerator Programme Registration

⚠️ Please take note of the following disclaimers:

(1) Seats are allocated on a best-effort, first-come-first-serve arrangement.

(2) Priority will be given to prospective incoming students who are able to join our Mathematics classes as early as possible and have registered for the pre-requisite courses (if any).

(3) Please ensure that the confirmation page is fully loaded after clicking the Submit button before exiting the page in order for your form to be submitted successfully.

A confirmation WhatsApp message will be sent to you within 3 business days upon receiving your interest check form submission. Please drop our Customer Care team an email at hello@thepiquelab.com if you do not hear from us regarding your submission.

(4) No payment is required at this point. We will only call for payment once the seat is available & you are expected to make payment by the given deadline to secure the seat accordingly.

Please fill in the following form accurately.

Note: Please click the “Submit” button to process the above registration.
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Your Registration

S3 Elementary Mathematics: Grade Accelerator Programme

Trial Lesson Fee


Your child will join a hybrid class and attend either onsite OR digital lessons at the Centre every week based on the scheduled day and time.

Lesson handouts will be reviewed together in class and important parts of the worksheet will be emphasised during the lesson.

The answers to the handouts reviewed and homework assigned for each lesson will be uploaded to our Digital Learning Resources webpage weekly for reference.

If your child requires a make-up lesson, we’ll be able to arrange for your child to attend a digital make-up lesson in an alternate class during the same academic week.