Ultimate PSLE Science Practice Series (P5 & P6 Topics) – RECOMMENDED FOR PRIMARY 5 & 6 STUDENTS

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Ultimate PSLE Science Practice Series (P5 & P6 Topics)

The Ultimate PSLE Science Practice Series (P5 & P6 Topics)Ā provides a curated selection of past year examination questions from the following topics:

  • Cells
  • Body Systems
  • Heat Energy
  • Water Cycle
  • Light
  • Magnets
  • Plant Cycle
  • Reproduction
  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Forces
  • Web of Life
  • Adaptations
  • Man’s Impact on the Environment

It is designed for Primary 5 and 6 students who are interested in getting more practice for both the multiple-choice section and open-ended section from these topics.

Apply the thought processes & answering techniques taught during the Complete Concept Integrationā„¢ Science Course on these exercises and start to see improvements in your answering strategies!

Featuring 810 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 310 open-ended questions (OEQs), our curation of questions on these Primary 5 and Primary 6 topics will help to gear your child towards mastery in these topics when the practice is done right. This practice booklet includes suggested answers provided by our academic team from The Pique Lab.

Please Read This Before Your Purchase:

  1. This is essentially a compilation of past year examination questions (MCQs & OEQs), together with suggested answers from our academic team using the CCIā„¢ methodology. If you like additional tips/guidance to solve these questions, please check out the Explainer Video Bundle below.
  2. The suggested answers should be treated only as a guide. The answers provided may not be entirely representative of the opinions of all primary school Science examination setters in Singapore. The Pique Lab will not be offering any refund/store credit under any circumstance.
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Supercharge Your Child’s Practice Journey With The Explainer Video Bundle For Just S$230

The Explainer VideoĀ Bundle featuresĀ 595Ā step-by-step videos (435 MCQs & 160 OEQs)Ā on how to tackle multiple-choice & open-ended questions on the following 8 topicsĀ from the Ultimate PSLE Science Practice Series (P5 & P6 Topics):

  1. Cells
  2. Body Systems
  3. Light
  4. Magnets
  5. Plant Cycle
  6. Reproduction
  7. Electricity
  8. Energy

Please Read This Before Getting The Bundle:

  1. After you made your purchase, an activation link to our learning portal account will be sent to you via emailĀ within 15 minutes where you can get access to watch these recorded videos at your pace.
  2. Each learning account is only intended for ONE user and can only be accessed by ONE device at any point in time. Access to your learning account may be suspended if the system detects any anomaly access behaviour by multiple users.
  3. No refund will be provided after the purchase.
  4. Please note that only 8 out of 14 topicsĀ in the Ultimate PSLE Science Practice Series (P5 & P6 Topics) Set is covered in this Explainer Video Bundle. When the videos of the rest of the 6 topics are ready, they will be sold separately as another bundle & we will inform our community via email.

Key Highlights:

#1: Learn The Thought Process Behind Solving Questions (Simple & Tricky Ones!)

We’ll teach your child how to identify certain question types and apply appropriate step-by-step methods to tackle multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions quickly.

We’ll also dive deep into why certain MCQ options are NOT accepted as the answer.Ā  A good examination setter knows how to weave MCQ options thatĀ contain misconceptions to trick unsuspecting students.

Besides, we’ll beĀ sharing these common conceptual pitfalls, so your child can learn to avoid them.

#2: Discover Useful MCQ & OEQ Annotation Techniques

Your child will learn our annotation technique which is designed to provide greater clarity when solving Science questions.

We’ll show your child exactly what needs to be highlighted, circled or even written for these questions.

Annotating is more than drawing ticks and crosses. Do it right & you’ll see your child tackling MCQs & OEQs a lot faster and more accurately than before.

#3: Recap On Key Concepts Relevant To The Question’s Topic

This is important because it helps your child understand the different ways a concept may possibly be tested. The good news is that this recap will also be helpful in your childā€™s overall PSLE Science revision.


Sample Videos:

Topic: Energy (MCQ Q1)

Topic: Energy (OEQ Q1)