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Dear Parents,

Stress is an undesirable emotion everyone is bound to experience and it has a negative impact on a person’s life. It does not only affect us adults but your children as well. Due to a greater emphasis on not just excellent academic results but also an outstanding portfolio these days, students face a massive pressure to balance and excel in their grades, co-curriculum activities as well as their social life. This causes them to experience a great amount of stress.

To be able to help your children overcome stress, you parents have to go through 2 stages.

  1. The first stage is to identify the symptoms that indicate that your children are stress out.
  2. The next stage is to think of ways to help them to manage stress.

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This article will list down the various symptoms pointing to stress as well as what you as parents can do to help your children deal with them.

Whenever you see your children playing computer games regularly or indulging in relaxation activities, it does not mean that your children are stress free. Your children may be relying on such activities as an outlet and a source of comfort because they are facing a great deal of pressure. Your children may be suffering in silence without telling you! Hence, it is fundamental for you to learn the symptoms of stress.


Symptoms of Stress

  1. Anxiety
  2. Stomach Pains (Diarrhoea)
  3. Nausea
  4. Chest Pain and Heart Palpitation
  5. Fatigue
  6. Sweaty Palms and Feet
  7. Mood Swings
  8. Withdrawal To Society
  9. Frequent Headaches

After identifying the symptoms and possible indicators of stress, we would like to share 3 essential steps every parent should take to help their child alleviate stress.


#1 Communicate With Your Children

As parents, you should provide an efficient outlet for your children to reduce stress. Allowing your children to share their problems and giving them the chance to relate their worries with you can be extremely effective and useful. By becoming their pillar of strength and encouragement, they will feel that they are not alone. This will make them feel less troubled.

However, sometimes your children may not wish to share their problems with you. Do not worry or attempt to force your children to share if they are unwilling to do so. You should provide your children with the space they need. It takes time for your children to be able to feel comfortable enough to share their personal problems with you. When they do so, be sure to provide useful and encouraging advice to help them see through their problems in life.


#2 Ensure Sufficient Time For Rest Between Each Activities

There are so many activities arranged for your children within the day that they have little time to rest! Leading such a hectic lifestyle can increase anxiety and frustration within your children. This stresses them out and makes them less motivated to excel in the activities they pursue.

As parents, you do not want way your children to study the entire day without enough rest in between. You should always advocate a healthy work-life balance.

As parents, if you sense that your children is stressed out, you should revise your children’s timetable to ensure that they have sufficient time for breaks in between activities! This will keep your children motivated and prevents the effect of ‘burning out’.


#3 Practise Techniques To Reduce Stress

There are various simple techniques that your children can learn to alleviate stress.

Some of these techniques allow the body and mind to relax or release the hormone endorphins, which has the motivational capacity to allow a person to feel happy and relieves the build-up of stress which was previously experienced! Alternatively, they can also keep your children’s mind occupied with something else.

Below are techniques which takes away stress. These include:

  1. Trying some light yoga.
  2. Meditating
  3. Deep Breathing
  4. Sparking some scents
  5. Listening to music
  6. Watching a comedy and laughing it off.
  7. Drinking tea.
  8. Exercising
  9. Taking a walk
  10. Chewing a gum
  11. Getting a massage
  12. Taking a nap.
  13. Writing a journal

Be Adventurous!
Try These Relaxation Techniques Whenever You Encounter Stress!


In conclusion…

Every parent wants their children to be successful in life and unleash their full potential.

However, this should not come in the expense of their happiness. While studies are important, children still have the right to have fun once in a while. They are not mentally capable enough to deal with too much pressure. We understand that sometimes societal pressure also gets to your children and most often than not they will choose not to show it.

Hence, as parents, it is your duty to look out for the symptoms of stress and apply the 3 ways to assist your children in overcoming them. In addition, try to set a good example and not lose your cool when you encounter stress. Practise the aforementioned techniques in front of your children so they can learn them quickly.

We hope that these techniques are useful.

Happy Parenting!

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