2021 Primary/Secondary Science Programmes

Reserve A Seat For Your Child In Our Weekly Classes In 2021

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

Pick your preferred class based on the available dates & time and preferred learning arrangement (digital/hybrid).

In the application form, we will also check with you when you intend your child to join our classes. Your child’s application will be prioritised if he/she is able to attend classes earlier.

Permanent Digital Class

Your child will join a permanent digital class where lessons are conducted live via Zoom every week based on the scheduled day and time.

Your child’s teacher will engage the students in the virtual classroom using the web camera and microphone.

Lesson handouts will be reviewed together in real-time and important parts of the worksheet will also be annotated on your child’s screen.

Hybrid Class (Onsite/Digital)

Your child will be assigned to a specific learning group where he/she will alternate between attending onsite lessons at the Centre and digital lessons* every week.

Your child’s teacher will engage both groups of students attending onsite and students attending digitally during the hybrid lesson.

Aside from using the same set of learning materials, your child can also expect to see the exact same content on his/her screen or the whiteboard.

*We also permit students to attend hybrid classes exclusively via Zoom until all strict social distancing measures have been lifted.

Step 2

Once we have received your child’s registration, we’ll confirm the class details with you via WhatsApp.

(1) We’ll proceed to schedule a trial lesson for your child if you’re intending to commence weekly lessons with us this year.

(2) If your child is unable to attend any of the available classes, you may indicate your interest for the existing classes which are full. We’ll contact you when a vacancy comes up.

⚠️ Please take note of the following disclaimers:

(1) Seats are allocated on a best-effort, first-come-first-serve arrangement.

(2) Priority will be given to prospective incoming students who are able to join our Science classes as early as possible and have registered for the pre-requisite courses (if any).

(3) Please ensure that the confirmation page is fully loaded after clicking the Submit button before exiting the page in order for your form to be submitted successfully.

A confirmation WhatsApp message will be sent to you within 3 business days upon receiving your interest check form submission. Please drop our Customer Care team a call or Whatsapp message at 8621 1533 if you do not hear from us regarding your submission.

(4) No payment is required at this point. We will only call for payment once the seat is available & you are expected to make payment by the given deadline to secure the seat accordingly.

Please fill in the following form accurately.

Note: Please click the “Submit” button to process the above registration.
You’ll be redirected to a confirmation page after the above registration has been successfully processed.

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