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(1) We have scheduled all courses to be conducted digitally via Zoom until further notice.

(2) The transition from digital learning to onsite classes will only take place once the ministries have given the green light to do so (i.e. all social distancing measures in the classroom no longer apply).

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  • If you'd like to register your interest in our available weekly classes, please select your preferred slot (subjected to availability). Please note that our classes are scheduled to be conducted via live lessons on Zoom until further notice. The classes indicated as digital classes will be continuing digitally for the rest of the academic year, regardless of the prevailing healthcare situation.
  • If you'd like to place your child on the waiting list for our fully registered weekly classes, please select your preferred slot(s).
  • Here's Why

    It is mandatory for prospective students to enroll for a trial lesson, prior to the commencement of lessons with The Pique Lab.

    For us, we’re all about the best fit. There are two main qualifying criteria when we shortlist students for our regular classes:

    Learning Attitude & Learning Aptitude

    1) A student with a good learning attitude and aptitude will be the best fit for our Science programme. We’re best able to help him/her improve in the shortest period of time (In some cases, we’ve had students who saw their grades jumping from 70s to high 80s in less than 3 months)

    2) A student with a good learning attitude and poor learning aptitude will eventually improve, so long as they put in the hard work to memorise, revise and apply what they learn. They’ll probably take a longer time to absorb the subject matter, but we’ve seen them improve once they’re equipped with the right skills to excel.

    3) We’ve also worked with students with poor learning attitudes (i.e. lazy) and good learning aptitudes. Assuming that these students comfortable with the learning environment, we can try to work with them to overcome their learning challenges. However, a lot of effort is often required to get them to a state where they’re ready to learn and improve. Parents usually commit for one term to assess if our classes work for their kids. In certain cases, we’ve managed to inspire and motivate them to change for the better.

    4) The regular classes are not suitable for students with poor learning attitudes and aptitudes. In most cases, these students tend to be disinterested in the subject matter and have problems trying to pay attention in class. (Read more below on these students can be helped)

    We recognise that our primary school Science programmes are not a one-size-fits-all solution for every student. While we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students, we also understand that not every student will benefit fully from our programmes. As such, we’ve decided to put in place a behavioural assessment during the trial lesson to quickly assess if the student has a higher propensity of improvement under our guidance.

    During the trial lesson, the teacher is able to observe the student’s performance and highlight any potential challenges so that parents can make an informed decision before committing to our regular classes. This is especially important as it is crucial for parents and teachers to align their expectations and work hand-in-hand to maximise a student’s potential.

    On the contrary, if a student exhibits signs of inattentiveness, disruption and/or laziness, it’s not that he/she cannot be helped. Rather, a different learning approach should be adopted & it’s typically best administered through a private 1 to 1 arrangement, which we do not offer at our centre. As different students have different learning needs, our role as educators is to find one that best fits them, so they can spend their time meaningfully every week.


  • Here's Why

    Through our teaching experience, we have noticed that one of the key challenges for students who enrolled with us at a later stage is that they have missed out on the topics taught in the P3 GAP as well as from the previous months. As a result, students tend to be more “lost” during the examination revision phase in the weekly lessons.

    During the P4 CCI Science Course, students will be able to consolidate their understanding of major P3 & P4 topics. By incorporating the P4 CCI Science Course as a mandatory part of our programme, this ensures that students in our weekly classes are able to gain access to the materials and methodology for the topics that were covered before they enroll with us and prevents them from having to play “catch-up” with the rest of the class.


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