Dear Students

How Recent Measures Will Affect Lessons At The Pique Lab

Last Updated: 13th June 2021, 12.00PM

As part of a calibrated reopening to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education have imposed a revised set of measures for MOE-registered tuition centres (like ours) to comply.

In light of the recent developments, we will be making certain changes to our lesson arrangements, which may affect your child’s enrollment with us. These measures are implemented to mitigate the risk for all learners and staff here at The Pique Lab.

We’ll keep all parents and students updated if there are any changes in the directives.

From 14th June 2021 (Monday) to 1st July 2021 (Thursday):

  • The Centre will continue to conduct all courses (regular classes & workshops) digitally via Zoom on from 14th June 2021 (Monday) to 1st July 2021 (Thursday).

From 2nd July 2021 (Friday) onwards:

  • There will be a change in how lessons are conducted in hybrid classes*:
    • Students who are currently attending onsite lessons in hybrid classes will alternate between attending an onsite lesson at the Centre and a digital lesson on Zoom every week.
    • Students who are currently attending digital lessons in hybrid classes will continue to attend these classes digitally.
  • All existing permanent digital weekly, regular classes will continue to function as digital classes till the end of the academic year (November 2021).
  • All ad-hoc workshops and masterclasses will function as digital classes till further notice.

*Students who are enrolled in hybrid classes can opt to attend their lessons via Zoom (without attending any lessons onsite) if desired.

⚠️ Please note that full resumption of onsite lessons from hybrid classes can only take place after the ministries lift all tightened social distancing measures.

How Lessons Will Take Place At The Pique Lab*

From 14th June 2021 Till Further Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the teachers be able to overcome the challenge of communicating to both groups of onsite/digital students and not compromise the quality of teaching?

As the teacher will still be teaching through his/her digital device while onsite, we would expect that students attending digitally will experience little to no change to how they have been learning so far.

Concurrently, students who attend onsite lessons will be viewing the teacher’s shared screen projected on the whiteboard. This would be the same screen that students see in the current online lesson set-up, allowing the teacher to address and speak to both groups of students.

This arrangement for on-site lessons is meant to cater to students who are often distracted at home by their digital devices and require a more conducive physical setting, such as a classroom and a teacher who is present to help them focus.

We’ll continue to monitor, evaluate and improve the learning experience as we go along.

What is the maximum capacity in a classroom?

Up to a maximum of 7 students will be allowed to attend onsite lessons in our classroom.

Students who show up for an onsite class they are not supposed to (based on their assigned group) will be turned away from the Centre.

We seek your kind understanding in this matter as we need to comply with the social distancing directives by the Ministry of Education.

How are make-up classes done?

Subjected to the make-up limit of 3 opportunities in a term and availability, you will have to arrange a make-up lesson for your child in any of our existing group classes within the same academic week.

Our academic week starts on a Friday and ends on a Thursday in the next week.

All make-up lessons will be attended digitally.

When will onsite lessons at The Pique Lab be available?

We will only be able to revert back to full onsite lessons when the tightened measures are lifted by the Ministry of Education.

One of the key conditions is to permit students to be seated in groups of 8 with a minimum of 1m spacing between groups. Presently, the safe distancing requirement permits students to be seated in groups of 5 with a minimum of 1m spacing between groups.

Given the physical constraints of our classrooms and our class enrollment (12 to 14 students per class), we’re unable to accommodate full onsite lessons across our classes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and also consider the directives served by the Ministry of Education Private School Division.

In the event that these tightened measures are lifted by the Ministry of Education, our Customer Care team will get in touch with all affected parents on our onsite resumption plan.

Please view the full list of MOE directives for enrichment centres here:

Why are other centres able to resume full onsite lessons and not The Pique Lab?

We will not be able to advise regarding the operations of other centres. One reason could be that different tuition centres have different operational capacities:

(A) Group tuition classes with generally fewer students (i.e. less than 8 in a class) will easily be able to comply with the measures outlined by the ministries.

(B) Some tuition centres have larger classroom capacities that can accommodate more students, allowing them to comply with the regulations set by the Ministry of Education.

Based on the physical constraints of the classroom and the size of our classes (12 – 14 students), we’re unable to accommodate full onsite class resumption at this stage.

If there are changes in the directives by the Ministry of Education, we will review the feasibility & make adjustments accordingly when required.

My child's class only has 7 students who are subscribed to the hybrid lesson arrangement. Can you allow these students to attend onsite class on a weekly basis?

No, we are not able to permit this arrangement.

If we were to permit all 7 hybrid students to attend full onsite classes, we do not have the capacity to cope administratively in the event if:

(A) The class enrollment increases

(B) An existing digital student would like to switch to attending lessons onsite or in a hybrid fashion.

The primary challenge that we face is to ensure that we do not exceed the capacity for all of our classes, as we have to ensure that our environment is safe for learning, while complying with existing directives by the government.

In the event that our classes exceed the capacity, we also have to consider turning students away and that will not be pleasant for any parent or student.

Besides, making parents switch between various arrangements (onsite/hybrid/digital) will potentially create a lot of unnecessary distress, inconvenience & confusion.