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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing many questions posted by parents in our Parent Support Group. Today, I’ll be doing something different.

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Primary school Science teachers tend to preach a lot of answering techniques.

It is undoubtedly important to have the right answering structures, keywords and key phrases to ensure your child hit the right notes.

However, there’s one thing that most students tend to forget.

Linking their answer back to the question asked.

As such, in today’s article, I’ll be sharing the importance of linking back to the question& how you can apply this technique to a question on the topic of “Energy“.


Source: Rosyth School – 2015 P6 CA1 Science Examination Paper [Q37]



Please refer to Part (b) of the question.

This is a question testing students on the topic of Energy.

I’ve seen many students who tend to lose marks in similar questions as the one above because they omitted a very important part of the structure – the link-back.

By linking the answer to the question asked, your child’s answer will be more coherent. More importantly, this also helps to lower the likelihood of losing marks unnecessarily.


Here’s How Most Students Would Answer

Some of the kinetic energy of the pendulum bob was converted to heat energy and sound energy due to air resistance.

Unfortunately, their answer tends to end here.

Analysing the question again, what it is asking is, “Why did the pendulum bob swing back to a lower height instead of the same height?”

As such, the above answer is incomplete & this would cost them to lose marks unnecessarily.


Here’s What Your Child Needs To Do

In order to achieve the full marks for this question, your child needs to have these in his/her answer:

Some of the kinetic energy of the pendulum bob was converted to heat energy and sound energy due to air resistance. 


Thus, the pendulum bob will possess less kinetic energy, which is converted back to gravitational potential energy, causing it to reach a lower height at C. 

When your child answers in such a manner, he/she would have applied the template answer accurately and linked his/her answer to the question asked effectively.

Only then will he/she be awarded the full marks for this question 🙂

I hope that I’ve managed to share with you the importance of linking back the answer to the question in this article. Remember to apply these to the examination questions to avoid losing vital marks!