S2 Content Mastery Course

Become Great At Tackling Questions on “Energy”, “Work Done” & “Power”!

What Your Child Will Be Learning

During this 6-hour content-packed masterclass, we’ll work closely with your child to improve his/her answering techniques to tackle questions on the topics of  Energy, Work Done & Power.

🧱 Understand Key Science Concepts From These Topics

✅  Identify the factors affecting the 6 types of energy and their sources (… this will be a quick recap on what your child has learnt in primary school. We’ll also be introducing mathematical formulas for GPE & KE, which will come in handy during calculations!)

✅  Revisit commonly tested ‘Energy Conversion’ examples (… plus we’ll teach your child how to relate thermal energy to the concepts of Particulate Nature of Matter.)

✅  Learn how to calculate the amount of energy an object possesses in different scenarios (…  we’ll also show how the ‘Principle of Conservation of Energy’ should be applied when tackling such questions!)

✅  Understand the pros & cons of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy (… and evaluate their practical usage in a small island like Singapore!)

✅  Learn all about ‘Work Done’ (… aside from knowing how to identify whether there is any work done in various scenarios, we’ll also teach your child how to calculate work done and appreciate how gravity, friction and external push/pull forces work together.)

✅  Relate work done to Gravitational Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy (… it’s important to know how to link these concepts together in order to determine if an object accelerates, decelerates or moves at a constant speed!)

✅  Learn all about ‘Power’ (similarly, we’ll show your child how to calculate the power generated by objects in various scenarios!)


🚀 Valuable Examination-centric Resources To Accelerate Understanding

Your child will NOT leave this workshop empty-handed.

Not only will our Secondary Science Specialists take your child through the step-by-step process of tackling Energy, Work Done & Power questions, we’ll also provide your child with beautifully-illustrated notes, worksheets and worked examples that are designed to help students learn these Physics topics easier, better and faster.

These valuable resources will help to shorten the learning curve tremendously. You and your child can expect to save lots of valuable time and frustration trying to figure out what examination setters are looking out for.

Here’s a sample of what your child will receive…


💣 Avoid ‘Concept Traps’ That Cause Most Students To Lose Marks Unnecessarily

It is important to have an understanding of the common conceptual pitfalls so that your child can learn to avoid them. We also included little ‘warning notes’ to remind students of potential misconceptions in their syllabus.

Do not underestimate these tips as they will help your child improve the odds of scoring an A for his/her Science examination!

Energy, Work Done & Power Masterclass

  • Level Eligibility: Secondary 2
    (O-Level (Express)/ IP/ IB/ IGCSE)
  • Session(s): 2
  • Total Duration: 6 hours (2 x 3 hours)
  • Tuition Fee: S$357
  • Learning Arrangement:
    • Digital Classes
    • Onsite Classes* (subjected to changes to National Safe Management Measures)

About Your Child’s Instructors

Your child will be taught by one of these instructors from our Secondary Science Specialist team.

Here’s What Your Child Will Receive

When your child enrolls today, he/she can look forward to gaining access to:

  • 6 Hours of Lesson Time on Energy, Work Done & Power
  • 55 Pages of Beautifully Illustrated Science Notes
  • Question Booklet Containing 38 Questions Adapted From Past Year Examination Papers For Application
  • 14 Additional Practice Questions For Extra Hardworking Students!

S2 Energy, Work Done & Power Masterclass Details

Suitable For Students In O-Level (Express)/ IP*/ IB*/ IGCSE* Track (*See FAQ)

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