S1 & S2 Content Mastery Course

Become Great At Tackling Questions on “Light”!

What Your Child Will Learn

During this 2-day content-packed masterclass, we’ll work closely with your child to improve his/her answering techniques to tackle questions on the topic of Light.

🧱 Understand Key Science Concepts From This Topic

✅  Recap on the 3 important properties of Light (… we’ll also talk about shadows & how solar and lunar eclipses are formed!)

✅  Learn the ins and outs of Reflection and Refraction (… many students to get boggled by the amount of content required for this topic & we have helped to break them down into bite-sized pieces!)

✅  Discover how the characteristics of mirror images differ based on the plane, convex & concave mirrors (… we broke the differences down so your child can compare them easily!)

✅  Get access to a simple trick on writing laterally inverted words and images

✅  Understand how to establish the maximum field of vision for different types of mirrors (plus: discover the different applications of these mirrors in our daily lives to solve problems!)

✅  Learn how optical density works & how to calculate refractive index and critical angle (Although some trigonometry is required, we’ll walk your child through the Math in a step-by-step manner.)

✅  Understand how to draw an image in a refractive ray diagram (… learn how light moves through different media and creates refracted images.)

✅  Discover how converging and diverging lenses work (plus: how to construct a ray diagram and how to calculate the magnification factor.)

✅  Discover how primary and secondary colours affect how we perceive colours in objects. (Learn how to identify the colours of objects under different colours of light, and how colour filters work!)


🚀 Valuable Examination-centric Resources To Accelerate Understanding

Your child will NOT leave this workshop empty-handed.

Not only will our Secondary Science Specialists take your child through the step-by-step process of tackling Cells & Levels of Organisation questions, we’ll also provide your child with beautifully-illustrated notes, worksheets and worked examples that are designed to help students learn this Biology topic easier, better and faster.

These valuable resources will help to shorten the learning curve tremendously. You and your child can expect to save lots of valuable time and frustration trying to figure out what examination setters are looking out for.

Here’s a sample what your child will receive…



đź’Ł Avoid ‘Concept Traps’ That Cause Most Students To Lose Marks Unnecessarily

It is important to have an understanding of the common conceptual pitfalls so that your child can learn to avoid them. We also included little ‘warning notes’ to remind students of potential misconceptions in their syllabus.

Do not underestimate these tips as they will help your child improve the odds of scoring an A for his/her Science examination!

Light Masterclass

  • Level Eligibility: Secondary 1 & 2
    (O-Level (Express)/ IP/ IB/ IGCSE)
  • Session(s): 2
  • Total Duration: 6 hours (2 x 3hrs)
  • Tuition Fee: S$327
  • Learning Arrangement:
    • Digital Classes
    • Onsite Classes* (Not available now due to Phase 3 heightened alert measures)

About Your Child’s Instructors

Your child will be taught by one of these instructors from our Secondary Science Specialist team.

Ms. Lim Zi Ai

Over the past 10 years, she has worked with students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds – from the extremely weak to the highly gifted. This is accompanied by an impressive track record of having 80% of her students score As and A*s in their Science examinations.

As a Psychology graduate from the National University of Singapore, she actively seeks to use child psychology techniques to get her students to be intrinsically motivated to learn Science. Her secret lies in helping the child rediscover their interest for learning through her wide arsenal of humorous and inspiring teaching methods.

Mr. Firhad Rohani

Mr Firhad is a Ministry of Education (MOE) trained teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the National University of Singapore (NUS). After 15 years of experience in teaching, he believes that in engaging his students actively to sustain their interest in learning. By utilising a well-planned lesson, scaffolding and purpose-driven activities, he creates an environment where students can acquire knowledge and skills actively.

Drawing insights from his Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), he emphasises on the subject's real-world applications and relevance, making the concepts easier to digest. For knowledge retention, he relies on routine and structure. With these components in place, he believes that experiential learning can take shape more efficiently.

Mr. Kenneth Mak

Mr. Kenneth Mak is the co-founder & Secondary Science Specialist of The Pique Lab. When it comes to secondary school Science, he is the go-to guy!

With more than 11 years of teaching experience, he has experimented with plenty of studying strategies, keywords & template answers. He knows what works for the student and what doesn’t. Using the proven techniques from our Complete Concept Integration™ program, he has helped more than 80% of his students clinch As and A*s during the PSLE Science examination.

Seasoned by experience, he is known among parents for building rapport with his students & helping them achieve tremendous academic results in the shortest period of time.

Here’s What Your Child Will Receive

When your child enrolls today, he/she can look forward to get access to:

  • 6 Hours of Lesson Time on Light
  • 39 Pages of Beautifully Illustrated Science Notes
  • A Question Booklet Containing Questions Adapted From Past Year Examination Papers
  • Additional Practice Questions

Phase 3 Heightened Alert Measures

We're Conducting This Course Digitally On Zoom.

Here's How We Make It Easy For Parents & Students!

Step 1

Pick your preferred class based on the available dates & time.

Once we have received your child's registration, we'll confirm the lesson details with you via WhatsApp.

Step 2

Sit back & relax while we courier the handouts required for the class to your home.

Install Zoom on your child's learning device if you have not done so.


Step 3

One Day Prior To The Lesson:

You will receive the virtual classroom credentials and what to prepare for the class via WhatsApp.

Step 4

On The Day Of The Lesson:

Your child should log into the virtual classroom 5 minutes before the lesson, with his/her handouts and stationery.

S1/2 Light Masterclass Details

Suitable For Students In O-Level (Express)/ IP/ IB/ IGCSE Track

Available Classes

September - School Holidays

Run 3: 6th & 7th September (Monday & Tuesday) 9AM to 12PM

S1/2 Light Masterclass Run 3

Conducted by: Mr. Kenneth Mak

Session 1: 6th September 2021 (Monday) 9AM to 12PM
Session 2: 7th September 2021 (Tuesday) 9AM to 12PM

Run 4: 6th & 7th September (Monday & Tuesday) 1PM to 4PM

S1/2 Light Masterclass Run 3

Conducted by: Mr. Kenneth Mak

Session 1: 6th September 2021 (Monday) 1PM to 4PM
Session 2: 7th September 2021 (Tuesday) 1PM to 4PM

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In light of the recent Phase 3 heightened measures, all workshops will be conducted live via Zoom.

Please note that onsite lessons will NOT be available until further notice. Once the tightened measures are lifted by the Ministry of Education, our Customer Care team will get in touch with you on our onsite resumption plan.

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