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Here’s What We’ll Be Covering During This Course:

  • A tested and proven system that will help your child tackle questions on ‘Man’s Impact on the Environment’ accurately and effortlessly… so he/ she can move extremely fast during the PSLE Science paper. (Includes exact “copy and paste” answering structures to tackle OEQs on this topic!)
  • Revisit the essential fundamental concepts on ‘Man’s Impact on the Environment’ (Master the ‘5 Human Activities That Can Impact The Environment Negatively’ before tackling open-ended questions)
  • Discover the difference between ‘Greenhouse Effect’ and ‘Global Warming’ (Students often get confused between both terms, thinking that they are the SAME when they are NOT. Your child MUST understand the difference & recognise which is ‘good’ and which is ‘bad’.)
  • Understand the detrimental impacts of Deforestation & Acid Rain (… more importantly, how to establish the ’cause and effect’ accurately, so that examiners can award full marks to your child’s answer! There are important keywords & key phrases that your child MUST take note of.)
  • Get a quick overview on different ‘remedies’ we can adopt to reduce our environmental impacts (… the best part: your child doesn’t need to figure out on his/her own & can use our suggestions. We have also included the key benefits behind each solution.)

P6 Man's Impact on the Environment Masterclass Details

Available Classes

⚠️ As Man's Impact on the Environment is a non-examinable topic in the 2020 PSLE Science Examination, we will only commence the following scheduled masterclasses when we have at least 5 interested students.

July School Holidays

Run 9: 20th July (Monday - July School Holidays) 10AM to 12PM

P6 Man's Impact on the Environment Masterclass (Run 9)

Conducted by: Mr Derrick Toh

Date: 20th July 2020 (Monday) - July School Holidays

Time: 10AM to 12PM

Run 10: 20th July (Monday - July School Holidays) 1PM to 3PM

P6 Man's Impact on the Environment Masterclass (Run 10)

Conducted by: Mr Derrick Toh

Date: 20th July 2020 (Monday) - July School Holidays

Time: 1PM to 3PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Masterclass?

This is NOT a trial class nor a typical program where you expect 20-30 students crammed in a class, in a bid to do some last-minute rescue work. …a Masterclass is more like a lesson dedicated towards the strong mastery of a particular skill.

Here’s how it works: Throughout our teaching careers, we have perfected a number of strategies and tactics that are proven to work for our students. More importantly, these strategies are carefully documented in our course material, so these best practices could be taught effectively to new primary school students. We will not hold any back “secret tactics” (unlike traditional kungfu masters) & these strategies would be EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones taught to our high performers.

Please note that our Man’s Impact on the Environment™ Masterclass (MIMC) is not for everyone. They work best for students who have the will & determination to do well, but are lacking the right strategies to get to the A or A*. Our strategies are all meat and no fluff. If you want lengthy theories, please read the textbook instead. Our MIMC is all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible!

Will there be breaks in between classes?

Yes, we typically offer a 5-10 minutes break for every 1-hour of learning. Your child will get a short break during the 2-hour masterclass.

Will my child be getting any materials from this masterclass?

Yes, your child will be receiving a comprehensive set of coloured notes on the topic, Man’s Impact on the Environment.

On top of that, he/she will be receiving a question booklet containing a curated list of questions from primary school examination papers. These questions have been carefully handpicked from different schools & sorted based on their topics.

As such, your child would have the opportunity to apply the thought processes and answering techniques learnt on these questions immediately.

Who is the instructor for the class?

Our classes are conducted by our team of highly-popular PSLE Science Specialists.

Our PSLE Science Specialists have collectively more than ten years of teaching experience under their belts. During which, they have experimented with plenty of studying strategies, keywords & template answers. More importantly, they know what works for the student and what doesn’t.

Using the proven techniques from our Complete Concept Integration™ methodology, they have helped more than 80% of their students clinch As and A*s during the PSLE Science examination. Seasoned by experience, they’re known among parents for building rapport with their students & helping them achieve tremendous academic results in the shortest period of time.

What is the maximum class size?

Our Man’s Impact on the Environment™ masterclasses are typically fully booked. You can expect the class to have 12 students.

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