2020 P6 Prelim MCQ Mastery Video Series (Vol 1)



This 2020 P6 Prelim MCQ Mastery Video Series (Vol 1) features 112 step-by-step videos on how to tackle the multiple-choice questions from these 2020 P6 Preliminary Science Examination Papers:

Part 1: Henry Park Primary School (HPPS) – 28 questions

Part 2: Nan Hua Primary School (NHPS) – 28 questions

Part 3: Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) – 28 questions

Part 4: CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (SNGS) – 28 questions

⚠️ Kindly note that the aforementioned papers DO NOT include questions from the Common Last Topics (Interactions within the Environment).

Key Highlights:

#1 Learn The Thought Process Behind Solving MCQs (Simple & Tricky Ones!)

We’ll teach your child how to identify certain question types and apply appropriate step-by-step methods to tackle them quickly.

We’ll also dive deep into why certain MCQ options are NOT accepted as the answer. A good examination setter knows how to weave MCQ options that contain misconceptions to trick unsuspecting students. As such, we’ll be sharing these common conceptual pitfalls, so your child can learn to avoid them.

#2: Discover Useful MCQ Annotation Techniques

Your child will learn our annotation technique which is designed to provide greater clarity when solving MCQs.

We’ll show your child exactly what needs to be highlighted, circled or even written for these questions.

Annotating is more than drawing ticks and crosses. Do it right & you’ll see your child solving MCQs a lot faster and more accurately than before.

#3: Recap On Key Concepts Relevant To The Question’s Topic

This is important because it helps your child understand the different ways a concept may possibly be tested. The good news is that this recap will also be helpful in your child’s overall PSLE Science revision.


Sample Videos:

Topic: Forces

Topic: Electricity

Topic: Heat Energy

What You’ll Be Getting When You Buy This Product

  • Access to 112 step-by-step videos taught by our Academic Director, Mr. Kenneth Mak
  • 4 question booklets for the 2020 P6 Preliminary Examination Papers