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We have set ourselves a big, bold goal to create 10,000 successful case studies by the end of 2020. We’ve about 3 years left to achieve this goal & we’ve been making tremendous waves in the primary school science community.

In order to achieve this target effectively, we’re looking for passionate teachers to help us take our education business to the next level.

To share with you: We’ve crossed 7-figures last year and moving on to hit 8-figures, conservatively within the next three years. To grow together as a team, we need teachers who find joy in nurturing inquisitive primary school children and yearn to work in a supportive environment where they will help kids achieve their wildest dreams.

More importantly, we need people who believe in the power of “grit” and “doing whatever it takes”.

About The Opportunity


You’ll start your career with us by going through our 9-month Teaching Associate Programme. In this programme, you will learn our strategies immediately in the first month and start seeing massive breakthroughs in our career as a primary school Science expert.

From then, we’ll pick up the pace & it gets really exciting.

Learn & apply our proprietary, proven methodology, Complete Concept Integration™ and create massive value for hundreds of primary school students. (This methodology has been proven to work for over 3,000 primary school students in over 40 different primary schools achieve As and A*s in Science.)

Get the first hand experience of strategising and creating new educational products that will help thousands of primary school students learn faster, easier & more effectively (… and trust me, that’s a heck lot of fun!)

Learn how to plan, research and design experiments for students to make Science concepts more relatable to them. You’ll be given the autonomy to create incredible learning experiences for your students. (Hey, learning Science under you would never be the same again!

Work tightly with the co-founders & be exposed to different facets of the business – sales, marketing and business development. (Activate the entrepreneurial bug in you & join us in using “growth hacking” techniques to reach out to a massive audience in a short period of time!)

Learn how to build & enhance your personal brand and position yourself to be a highly respected teacher in the private enrichment industry. (Teaching is often frowned upon as a career that is undervalued. With our strong digital marketing & operations experience, we’ll help you make your time & effort worthwhile in this highly competitive industry.)

And many other growth opportunities… (Too many to list down here.)

What Does It Take To Be An Associate?


Strong Background in Primary School Science: You should have a strong understanding of the subject matter. We are looking for NIE/MOE teachers with at least 3 years of teaching experience in a school environment.

Intense Passion For Education & Learning: You should ideally have an unwavering commitment towards delivering an amazing learning experience for our students.

Strong Perseverance: You must be committed to mastery and be willing to put in the hard work to learn as much as possible. It’s common to expect putting in extra hours during the training phase to get your fundamentals right. Trust me, it’ll pay off eventually.

Full Commitment To This Programme: This will be a full-time training opportunity. If you were to take up this position, you cannot be holding another full-time job or running your own business on the side (…even side hustles are not allowed). If we were to invest 100% of our time & money to grow you, we expect that you to reciprocate & do the same as well.

Know What You Want: You have a clear idea on what you intend to pursue in your career. We are looking for associates who can commit for at least 3 to 5 years. Many of our full-time teachers stay with us for the long haul because they can grow together as a team & be rewarded well under our care.

Fast Learners & Ability To Think On Your Feet: You’ll be learning a lot of things during the 9-month training period. If you cannot catch up with our pace, you’ll be left behind. How fast you achieve ‘expert’ status largely depends on how fast you learn & apply the strategies & techniques taught.

What Is In It For You?


Those who join us will have a bright future with us: We have a very exciting plan to develop a comprehensive education ecosystem and you’ll play a part to helping us shape this. Of course, you’ll be reaping the rewards together as we grow further. We’ve crossed 7-figures last year & we have strong ambitions to develop into a 8-figure company within the next 3 years.

You will be personally coached by highly sought-after PSLE Science Specialists during the training period. We will give you our full attention during this training period to get you to a professional standard that all of our teachers have. You’ll get direct access to our proven strategies, techniques & skills we use coach & inspire over more than 3,000 primary school students.

You can make a highly lucrative income within 2 to 3 years or even faster, if you’re driven and push yourself to achieve excellence. We’re known for paying our teachers very well because we understand that they’re integral to our company’s success.

We have no qualms about investing in your education. We want all of our teachers on our team to succeed & that includes you. We’ll help you learn from the best & you can apply what you’ve learnt on your own students.

Company Benefits

Full training is provided

Highly competitive pay package (ranging from $4K to $6K+ for experienced MOE teachers) + Performance bonus will be given to exceptional team players

Progressive career advancement opportunities (if you’re looking to lead a team in the near future, this it it!)

Meals are covered by the company during weekends & school holidays if classes are conducted

Free access to the company’s fully-stocked pantry (reads: unlimited coffee, cold drinks, snacks)

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