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Accelerate Your Child's Understanding In Primary School Science

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For Primary 3 Students:

6 Little-Known Secrets of Top Students: Time Management

Good time management reduces stress for your child and enables them to strike a balance between school work and social life. In this post, we will be sharing tips & tricks to improve your child's time management skills. Hello Parents! I am sure that...

How Undigested Food Changes In The Digestive System

In this post, I’ll be sharing about the process of digestion and the amount of undigested food at the end of each organ. Just recently, a parent on our Parent Support Group asked us for help on a question on the amount of undigested food in the...

The Ultimate Guide To Tackle Animal Classification Questions

Animal Classification is usually one of the hardest topics for Primary 3 student as it requires students to be able to identify what are the possible classifications that can be used and which particular classification is relevant to the question. In this post, I will...

For Primary 4 Students:

5 Quick & Easy Steps To Solve Complex Questions on Shadows

Although students typically find the scientific concepts from the topic of Light easy to understand, they often encounter difficulties applying them when tackling shadow-related questions. Here are 5 easy steps that will help students breeze through these complex...

For Primary 5 Students:

For Primary 6 Students: